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The Ultimate Guide to Renovating Your Retail Store

Renovating your retail store can be both exciting and rewarding. Your store’s exterior and interior design are a crucial part of your overall brand experience. While remodeling your store can be a big investment, the difference it makes for both customers and employees can be well worth it.  If you’re considering renovating your store, our […]

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What is a Commerce Platform? How They Enable Better Business

From manual cash registers to the first on-premise point of sale software to cloud-based point of sale systems, the way retailers and restaurateurs do business has greatly evolved over the years. The next step? Transitioning to a fully connected commerce platform for synchronized control over every part of a business. With a commerce platform, business […]

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12 Marketing and Promotion Ideas for Retailers

Retail marketing helps your business expand its reach, connect with customers, nurture relationships and tell your brand story. It can also be used to differentiate yourself from your competition.  Fortunately, marketing isn’t just a luxury for large businesses with big budgets. There are tons of marketing options that can help retail businesses in every industry […]

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Rooted in Culture: How Hispanic Businesses Amplify their Heritage 

From a Mexican restaurant with Caribbean and South American influences in Boston, to a Latin American resort wear and swimwear store in Miami, Hispanic businesses come in all shapes and sizes. They are also one of the fastest growing business groups in the United States.  The number of Latino businesses in the US grew 34 […]

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“Failure is a fact of life. The key is to keep going”: Fred Sirieix on employing ex-offenders, technology and the art of service

Generosity is integral to hospitality.Few people understand this better than Fred Sirieix, who through a seasoned career as maitre d’ in top UK restaurants has earned his stripes as an authority on customer experience.  His modus operandi is simple yet effective: he helps restaurants achieve excellence by perfecting each touchpoint in the customer journey, and […]

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What are the Front of House Positions in a Restaurant?

Every successful restaurant needs a top-notch front of house restaurant staff to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and customers are completely satisfied from the moment they walk through the door. Your restaurant’s front of house team should be composed of workers with a variety of skills and talents, so finding the best person for […]

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