Amazing Video Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

At any given moment, there are millions of people watching a video on all major social media platforms. As an enterprise, a video offers an avenue to connect with clients.

Now, it’s the time to integrate video marketing into your content mix. But why? Well, by next year, video marketing will create 80 percent of the internet. Investing now allows you to gain a competitive advantage against your rivals.

So, what should you include in these videos? How do you ensure they’re educative and impactful to your audience? Here are some basic video marketing concepts to try out today.

  • Product Demonstration

Are you introducing new products or brands to your market? Maybe you’re selling a new technology, household gadget or a new car. Having a demo video does wonder in showcasing your products.

Even better, you have an opportunity to influence products image and reputation. Videos are unusual because of their broader reach. Plus, people love to see the product they’re buying in action.

Offering this opportunity creates trust in your products and increases the conversion rates.

But all this is dependent on the type of video you create. For instance, you should keep your video as concise and straightforward as possible. Start by showing what your product will do and how. If the content is good, the product will sell itself.

If you want to reinforce the use and purpose of your vehicle, create a before-and-after video.

  • Create an About Us Video

I bet your site has an “about us” page. The place acts to introduce your business to potential buyers. Use a fantastic video to submit your firm.

A shorter video about your business motivation is a fantastic way to create a deep connection with potential clients. You’re at liberty to embed the video to your site or use it to advance social media marketing.

So, what should you discuss in your introductory video?

  • Introduce your company to viewers.
  • Explain your mission statement.
  • Showcase your products and services.
  • Feature top employees and members of your executive branch.

Put a face and name on your brand. Studies show that you can’t hug or share a handshake with the internet. Let your customers meet and know people behind your success as an enterprise.

Everyone adores a fantastic story, be sure to create and share.

  • Tutorial Videos

Research intimates that 74 percent of people who watch tutorial videos ends up buying the product. So, why not maximize on this?

Shooting a stepwise guide on how to use your product boosts brand recognition and sales.

The videos you create will show your expertise in a given niche. In doing this, you’re able to boost your credibility among most buyers.

So, is your product a high tech product? Well, don’t assume that everyone knows how to fix or install your products. But that shouldn’t worry you. For instance, create a fantastic product demonstration and instruction especially to those who are conscious and what they’re doing.

Customer service also benefits as these videos end up answering some frequent questions that customers ask.

Ensure you showcase how your product works interestingly. Also, offer relevant tips on your products.

  • Behind the Scenes Content

We all love watching a fantastic and high-quality video. But nothing beats behind the scenes videos.

It’s known as “Building the Hype Train.” Think of having dinner at your favorite restaurant. People have been telling you how amazing the spouse it. Perhaps you did your best to look good.

These videos help boost engagement and foster connection between you and your clients. They help depict an idea of what your product is and what it entails.

Here are some behind   the scenes videos to try:

  • A glimpse of the product manufacturing process.
  • An employee birthday.
  • Team building activities.
  • Showcase any special activities or events.
  • Introduce your employees.
  • Customer Testimonials

When it comes to reviews and testimonials, people believe what happens from your buyers and not what you’re saying.

Customer testimonials are quite persuasive and a fantastic form of marketing. So, be sure to include any positive review you get on the video format.

You can do this by creating a series of reviews and quotes from clients. Also, gather screenshots of any criticism you have on Yelp, Google or any other business listing website.

  • Share Announcements

As an enterprise, you need to be active on social media. Using video to share announcements helps increase engagement through likes, shares, and comments.

  • But which announcements should you share?
  • Introducing new features on existing products.
  • Introduction of new products and services.
  • Advertise any special promotion.
  • Any upcoming special event.
  • Question and Answer Videos

Videos offer a fantastic opportunity to address your clients concerns on social media. It provides an opportunity to engage your customers and resolve the challenges they go through.

So, how do you do this? Start by analyzing the online reviews that your clients give. Analyze some challenges they’re going through when using your product and address them.

If possible, answer all the questions on your business and its activities monthly.


Major social media sites prioritize on videos. Video marketing is therefore essential to growth and development of your business.

If done correctly, the videos will help improve customer service, brand recognition, and customer loyalty. In turn, these benefits offer an opportunity for a small business to grow and generate profits.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.