Injured While In An Uber: Am I Covered?

More popular than ever, lift sharing, and the likes of Uber represent a convenient and often cost-effective way of getting around town. Still, not everyone is clear on the law when it comes to personal injury in an Uber. The vehicle is not insured commercially, which is why so many people ask who is liable for damages. The following should make things clearer for you.

Is the Driver Insured?

This is a hot topic for lift sharing services.  Uber itself does have levels of coverage when it comes to personal injury. Also, the driver will need to have current insurance of their own which also covers personal injury.

This means that if you have been in an accident in their car, you will more than likely have to claim through their insurance. Each claim is unique and has its own circumstances. For help with clarifying the law, contact a reputable personal injury firm, such as Macgillivray law via their website at

Can I Sue Uber Directly?

You might think that an accident in an Uber can lead to a substantial claim due to the more significant resources available to such a large company. Being able to use Uber or a similar company is rare because the driver is not an employee of the company. Instead, they are contractors which free the company from such responsibility. More than a clever move, this is something that the likes of Uber have had to spend years clarifying in court.

Do I Have Coverage When in an Uber?

To put it simply, yes you have coverage. The driver will have to have third-party insurance which would cover his or her passengers in the event of an accident.

How Do I Report the Accident to Uber?

Uber themselves have made it easy for you to report an accident. When the app updates, this can change at any time, but the following should work:

  • In the app go to ‘Your Trips.’
  • Then select the trip related to the accident.
  • Click ‘Select an Issue.’
  • Then ‘I was involved in an accident.’
  • From here you can fill out the form.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Involved in An Accident with an Uber Driver?

The process is no different from how you would react to an accident with any other driver. Make sure everyone is safe. If necessary, seek medical help. Then you need to make sure you exchange information such as contact and insurance details. The best way to support your future claim is to take photos of the scene, damage, and area. Also, seek details of any witnesses should there be any. Report the accident to the police and make sure your insurance company is informed.

Of course, using an attorney to support your claim gives you the best chance of getting the maximum level of compensation that you are entitled to. This applies to the sometimes-confusing claims process that involves Uber drivers.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.