3 Tips to using silk screening for marketing purposes

If you happen to be one of the many people who are interested in using silk screening for marketing your business then there are several things to consider. The thickness of ink used in screen printing allows you to create a variety of interesting printing techniques.

When using silk printing you can use products like wallpaper or bulk fabric among many others which can be printed by this versatile process which includes metals and even plastics. But, remember that each requires specific equipment, ink, chemicals, and a specific technique. That is why you need the services of professionals like silk screening Escondido for your marketing purposes. Here are 3 tips to using silk screening for marketing purposes.

Use label silk screening

A lot of companies are now using silk screening on labels as the new marketing strategy. Although it’s not that new in the market, the use of labels is a famous technique for products that get into contact with outside factors such as water or anything that goes through regular washing.

Since silk-screened labels are more permanent as compared to using materials like paper which can fade or fall off a container, it is a great way to market your products or services without the fear of the print coming off. Due to this label silk printing maintains the look and feel of the product for a long time. Label silk screening is mostly used on plastic and glass bottles or jars.

Use logoed glassware

When it comes to marketing your business, your brand logo is an important part of your business since it identifies your business and your company’s image. You can either print your logo, phone number or even a catchy slogan. By incorporating these, this becomes the point of contact that your customers can use to associate with your company.

Custom glasses can be used to improve your brand’s image since most screened bottles enable your products to stand out among your competition. But, when using logoed glassware ensure that it’s from high-quality glass that is durable to enable the printing to last. For ease of use by the customers most personalized glasses and mugs normally come with durable handles attached to the cup. This prevents slipping or falling which might cause it to easily break.

Put up a contest

Since silk screening is quite visible because of this you can make use of social media outlets and start a contest.  For example, you can ask the contestants to take pictures of a t-shirt that you’ve created using screen printing and let contestants market your brand by wearing these t-shirts.. With this, you can create brand recognition while at the same time let them have fun.

From the cosmetic industry all the way to the medical industry, many people are using this unique and cost-effective process for marketing their products. It doesn’t really matter the type of business you want to market, you can make good use of silk screening for things like product displays among many others that will help you to reach your target audience.

All you need to do is look for a silk-screening company that is experienced which can print on a wide variety of materials. The company has to be able to select the right size, shape, and closure that will catch the attention of your customers.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.