A Close Look at the Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is an ever-changing industry where modern trends can become old news in a moment. If you want to keep up with the competition, it’s crucial that you follow along with the latest changes in technology so you can meet your customers on the devices they’re currently using and respond to questions the way your modern shoppers prefer to ask them. Follow these trends to stay ahead of the curve.

Chatbots Communicating With Customers


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What is a chatbot? Automated chatbots can provide basic customer service to online users. They rely on advanced software to assist individuals with common needs. A chatbot can update you on the status of your order, help you make an appointment, check you in for your flight, or take a meal order. By 2020, it’s expected that more than 85% of customer interactions will take place without the assistance of a human. Utilizing a chatbot on your website helps you offer a personalized experience with minimal staffing.

Videos Filling Out the Content Calendar

Content marketing once focused on written pieces. While there’s still ample room for blogs, white papers, e-books, and articles, there’s also an increasing demand for digital media content. Video marketing is on the rise. In 2017, just 63% of businesses were using video content for their marketing. Entering 2019, that number had jumped to 87%.

Video marketing takes many forms. This type of content is an efficient choice for demonstrating new products, offering engaging tutorials, highlighting customer testimonials, and inviting consumers in for a virtual tour of the office. Live streams are gaining popularity as well, with platforms like Facebook and YouTube making it quick and easy to interact with viewers via live online broadcasts.

Advertising Taking a Targeted Approach

Online advertising is continuously becoming more personalized. You can choose the age, location, and interests of your targeted customers so your digital marketing only reaches the most relevant audience. This trend is expected to grow, offering increasingly detailed targeting. Programmatic advertising now allows artificial intelligence to automate your ad purchases based on the specific goals of your company.

This is an important trend because it allows you to reach the most relevant audience possible with your budget. Nearly a third of businesses expect to see significant search campaign results with a budget of $99 or less per month, and another 29% believe that spending between $100 and $199 a month will get them a notable return. Targeted advertising is essential to make this limited budget perform.

Voice Interaction Increases

Programs like Alexa and Siri are increasing the use of vocal commands for common queries. Users are becoming more interested in asking for things aloud. Voice search is different from text search. Users tend to present longer queries in the form of questions. Optimizing your site to respond to these types of searches will help you connect with users as they transition to a different way of searching.

Following these digital marketing trends will give you an edge as you reach out to today’s modern audiences. Tailor your efforts with these movements in mind.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.