5 Foods for Erectile Dysfunction and Testosterone Levels

1 in 4 men under the age of 40 suffers from erectile dysfunction. It can have a debilitating effect on your life and the stigma attached to it means it can be difficult to talk about let alone address some of the causes. 

If the problem persists, erectile dysfunction could interfere with your ability to start a family. If you’ve been struggling with this problem and are looking for help, fertility specialists like Cryos International could provide alternatives so you and your partner can make your dream of starting a family come true.

But often there is a simple solution to erectile dysfunction which revolves around your diet and lifestyle. What you eat has a huge effect on your ability to get it up.  Here are some of the best foods for erectile dysfunction.  


These are great because they are high in testosterone and like all fish foods, have the added bonus of increasing your sperm count so you are more potent when you are able to perform. 

Oysters are also naturally full of zinc. This is a nutrient your body needs but often lacks. 

The most important thing when eating oysters though is to be sure that they are properly cooked and that they are clean. Failure to do this means that there is a chance you might pick up food poisoning. 


So much is often said about how bad coffee is for you because of the amount of caffeine contained within it and the propensity to load it with sugar and fatty creamer to disguise the bitter taste.

However, a cup of coffee a day could go along way to helping with your erectile problems. This is because caffeine is said to help the blood flow and inefficient blood flow is what causes your inability to get or maintain an erection. 

Dark Chocolate 

Many people like the taste of milk or white chocolate because they are full of sugar but chocolate with 70% or 85% cocoa, which tastes bitter, is a lot better for you. 

The darker the chocolate the more plant nutrients it contains and this can really help with your erectile dysfunction.

Dark chocolate can also stimulate nitric oxide, which is one of the chemicals in man-made pills for erectile dysfunction. Be sure to check out this guide for buying if you’re thinking of purchasing mediation to help with your erectile dysfunction. And remember you can even vape erectile dysfunction meds now


Like dark chocolate, nuts contain chemicals which can help create nitric oxide in the body naturally. Nuts also contain folic acid, Vitamin E and fiber. These are all good for you in small doses so don’t go too nuts! 

It also goes without saying that this will not be an option for those with a nut allergy. Those on a strict diet or a health kick might also want to avoid them as they are quite high in calories. 

Foods for Erectile Dysfunction Can Transform Your Life 

While it’s clear that there are many foods for erectile dysfunction, all bodies are different and react differently to chemicals and food. Some foods might work better than others. 

But by creating a varied diet and experimenting with some of the foods listed you can start to understand what works for you. Maybe your diet is already high on nuts but you don’t eat many oysters and need to rebalance.

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.