7 Social Media Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2019

Want to stay up to-date with the latest and greatest in Social Media?  Great!  This week, Social Media Examiner published an excellent list of blogs that deliver some great insights into the world of social media.

Great Social Media Marketing Blogs

Here is a list of some of the social media marketing blogs that were chosen (and I have to say that they were spot on for these nominations)

1.  Jon Loomer’s Blog – Jon’s blog covers advanced Facebook marketing strategies and more. 

Jon Loomer

2.  Ian Cleary’s Razor Social blog – Ian is referred to as the “Social Media tools guy” in the internet marketing space.

His blog features information on various tech tools and resources that you can use to make the most out of your social media marketing efforts.

Razor Social

3.  Jay Bauer’s blog Convince and Convert – Features the very best of tips and information on content marketing for both beginners and even veteran marketers as well.

Convince and Convert

My top 4 Picks of Social Media Blogs to Follow

As I initially stated, these are some great blogs that I read to stay current on social media marketing trends. 

I wanted to add my own 2 cents into the mix so I figured that I would feature 4 blogs that I read that cover social media marketing and things like buying instagram followers, very well. 

Here are my top 4 picks:

1. Social Media Explorer (Tork Media LLC) – The Social media Explorer blog never disappoints.  They publish tons of tips and information from experts in the Social Media space that you can use to rev up your marketing endeavors.  Their Social Media Marketing Industry report is one that I look forward to reading every year.

2.  Social Media Today – An additional all around blog that covers trending information in Social Media

Social Media Today

3.  Quicksprout (Neil Patel) – Sooo, Neil’s blog is not really focused on Social Media, but he does publish a ton of great resources and tips for maximizing your social media marketing efforts like this post: 7 Tips for Increasing Your Click-Through Rates on Facebook

QuickSprout Blog

4.   JeffBullas.com (Jeff Bullas) – Like Neil, Jeff’s blog covers a range of topics but is another one that contains social media marketing tips that are spot on.  One of this recent posts: 8 Compelling Ways To Tell 140 Character Stories On Twitter is a must read!

Jeff Bullas Blog

There you have it.  Would love to hear what blogs you all are reading to keep up with the best in Social Media.   

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.

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