7 Simple Ways on How You Can Decorate Your Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving Day happens in the United States every fourth Thursday of the 11th month. So for this year, you will celebrate it on November 28 which is a Thursday. Other countries, such as Canada, Grenada, the Philippines, and the Netherlands also celebrate this occasion but on a different date. 

The majority of people take advantage of this holiday to express their gratitude for the abundance in their lives. You may prepare the biggest meal of the year if you have something to be thankful for, such as good relationships with your friends and families, good health, and career opportunities that come your way. But it is not enough that you have so much delicious food on that day, your thanksgiving table decor matters too. It can elevate the visual interest of the meals you serve on top of it. Below, you can find incredible ideas to help you improve your Thanksgiving table setting in 2021. 

  1. Use  pumpkins as decorative items

Pumpkin is a thanksgiving table decor that you must not forget to include in your table setting. Your guests would not forgive you if you don’t allow space for at least one pumpkin during Thanksgiving day. It became an important part of the celebration not just because it is tasty and easily accessible but also because it serves as a symbol of man’s power and life. You may opt to place pumpkins with different shapes, sizes, and colors to make the table more alive and more vibrant. 

  1. Display a DIY pumpkin vase

If you have enough time to spare, you can start creating DIY pumpkin vases that you can display on your Thanksgiving table. The good thing about thanksgiving decorations is that you can experiment as much as you want. It is a great opportunity to showcase your creativity. 

Are you having trouble displaying an array of pumpkins because your dining table is not large enough to accommodate all of them? If so, why not use a pumpkin vase instead. You can use an orange or white pumpkin as the base and place several flowers inside of it. In terms of the color and style of the flowers, make sure that they fit the theme of your table. They should not look out of place. 

How to create a DIY pumpkin vase?

In making a pumpkin vase, you first have to cut out its stem and remove all of its seeds. After that, you can now fill it with water. Once you ensure that the pumpkin does not have any leakages, you can then prepare the flowers. Cut them into the desired length and place them inside of the pumpkin in a lovely arrangement. Imagine how it can impact the aesthetics of your thanksgiving table setting.

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  1. Don’t forget to use Cornucopia

The Cornucopia is another thanksgiving table decor that symbolizes gratitude and offering. The story behind the popular use of this cornucopia dates back to ancient civilization. People believed that a goat broke off its own horn to offer Zeus as a sign of reverence and in return, Zeus decided to create a figure of a goat in the sky, now referred to as Capricorn.  Its horn-shaped basket makes it a great decoration to your table because it can add more personality and texture. Aside from being a decorative item, the cornucopia also doubles as storage that can keep your fresh fruits and vegetables together. 

  1. Utilize red napkins to achieve an elegant table setting

Are you thinking of creating an elegant table setting but you don’t know how? If so, consider placing red napkins on top of it. They are one of the most affordable decorative items that exude elegance brought by their bold color. 

To make the table setting more romantic, you may consider adding more items in red. This color is the symbol of love which can contribute to a nice family dinner.

  1. Make the place slightly dim

It is best to set up your thanksgiving table consisting of several candles in a slightly dim room. In this way, you can create a cozy atmosphere that your guests will truly love. It is advisable to use stylish lighting fixtures with low light intensity because they can give away a relaxing and calming setting perfect for family dinners. 

  1. Make sure to add cranberries

Aside from the use of pumpkins as decorative items, you must also add several cranberries. They serve as a symbol of Thanksgiving. To make its visuals more appealing, don’t forget to add a few branches of cranberries. Don’t overthink the way you should position them on your table because no matter where you place them they can always spice up the table setting.

  1. Put a present for every family member

Since the Thanksgiving celebration is all about expressing gratitude and giving, they might as well put a present on the table for every family member. It can be as simple as a small size pumpkin paired with a written note containing a touching message. It doesn’t have to be extravagant and expensive because your family would appreciate anything that you would give to them. Surprise them with a perfectly set thanksgiving dinner table composed of gifts. If you are having difficulty in determining the perfect presents for each of your guests, you may opt to give the same small tokens.

In a Nutshell

Thanksgiving day is not just a typical day wherein you will have to stay alone in your house. It is one of the best feasts of the year that you shouldn’t miss out on celebrating with your family and close friends. A wonderful table is what makes Thanksgiving extra special so it is necessary to spend enough time in planning your table setting. If the thought of decorating a holiday table scares and overwhelms you, the 7 easy steps above will help you put together an elegant, budget-friendly, and visually appealing table but still with enough room for all the food. Visit storables.com for more ideas on how you can better decorate your Thanksgiving table!

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