6 Most Notable Rado Timepieces for Ladies 2021

Rado has often been one of the most well-known watchmakers, standing out with exquisite design among other Swiss watches. They are always classified as luxury watches. There are various Swiss watches on the marketplace, but Rado has been many people’s loyal reminders over the ages.  If one has to be such a good product loyalist, there is no question that Rado has represented its customers with honesty and dignity. If you have spent some money on Rado, you have made an incredible choice ever created.

Rado, which has rich records going back to 1917, was the first series of watches to create the first scratch-resistant timepiece. It doesn’t stop there; their technology, rank, and fashion have always been distinctive in their own right. As a result of this, Rado has received more than 30 foreign design awards. Let’s take a look at why women like Rado pieces.

  1. Centrix Jubile R30928713

If it’s a Rado watch, it’s almost certainly a scratch-resistant one, as they were the founders in this area. Do you want to know what keeps your Rado watch from being scratched? The strong sapphire crystal used in the manufacture of these Rado watches is the response. The use of this specific crystal is one of the reasons Rado watches are perceived to be expensive.

This Rado watch for women has always had a gleaming stainless steel bracelet and case. pThe dial’s black color offers this Rado women’s watch a cool contrast appearance. The dial also features silver-tone hands and four diamond hour markers.

If you have this item, you can also rely on it to tell you the date as it has a date display that shows at 3 o’clock. Aside from being extremely durable, this Rado watch is well-known for its waterproofness. So you don’t have to be concerned if your expensive Rado watch is wet. The case has a double push-button fold-over clasp for ease of use and its diameter is 28 mm.

  1. Centrix Ceramic R30935712

If you’re not one of the massive supporters of silver stainless steel bracelets and think they’re too girly for you, this Rado beaut is a good alternative. You will never be able to take your gaze away from this chic style watch that will allow you to stand out from the crowd anywhere and anytime. Even though this watch is crafted of stainless steel, the touch of black ceramic on its steel bracelet and the black dial provide an exquisite combination of white and black.

Rado watches are renowned for being the most rugged watches of all time, and this specific design is no exception. If this Rado watch gets wet, you won’t have to worry because it’s waterproof.  The tiny date window makes it easier to scan for days. The sapphire crystal protects this Rado watch from scratches, and the dual push button allows you to easily remove the piece from your hand.

  1. Centrix Open Heart Diamond R30248712

Because of its elegant style, this one is unquestionably at the forefront. Over the ages, this Rado watch has been regularly produced and in high demand. This Rado watch is distinguished by its attractive brown ceramic bracelet and rose gold PVD stainless steel case. Its dial also has diamond hour markers and rose gold-tone hands.

The Rado Centrix open-heart diamond range is available in a variety of colors, including pink, gold, and brown. Rose gold, on the other hand, has always been popular. The crystal sapphire makes it scratch-resistant. The Rado watch has a deployment clasp that allows it to be worn on your wrist. It stays secure and strong on your wrist, so don’t worry about it dropping off. This Rado watch has always been known as among the most reliable Rado watches in history.

  1. Esenza Women’s Quartz R53743155

If you’re looking for an everyday wear Rado watch for ladies, look no further. It’s not a glamorous Rado watch, and it’s the one that draws everyone’s interest the time you put it on your hand.  This Rado Swiss watch for ladies is a solid bet every day. This is one of Rado’s most rugged pieces. The black stainless steel dial and jet black leather strap will not be marred by your office work.

The Rado Esenza ladies watch, as normal, has a Sapphire crystal that protects it from scratches. Unnecessary to mention, if it is intended for everyday use, it is also waterproof. The hands are silver plated. Unlike the other luxury Rado watches, this Rado women’s watch lacks diamond hour markers and a date display.

  1. Centrix Automatic Silver Dial R30954123

This may not be everyone’s idea of a good time, owing to the lack of a sleek, fashionable style, but the mature lady would undoubtedly enjoy this watch because it has a very classy appearance.  It has a two-tone, silver, and rose gold dial and a rose gold stainless steel case. The dial of this Rado watch for women is intimidating, with a date displayer and rose gold hands. If you’ve been looking for a great watch to send to a significant one, Rado is your best choice. Though they have several other watches for the elderly, this one looks unique and appears very elegant and stylish on the wrists of the aged women.

And do not take offense to the young people who are scowling. If you can’t keep your mind off these Rado women’s watches, get one for yourself right away.

  1. Golden Horse Automatic

Another watch influenced by an original version is the Golden Horse Automatic. The watches in this series are inspired by the original 1957 style but have been enhanced with rose gold Ceramos and revised with Rado’s plasma high-tech ceramic.  These watches come in a variety of strap materials and colors, and they have a unisex size of 35 mm that will go well on any wrist. The bezel and case are made of Ceramos and stainless steel, and the case back is made of translucent sapphire. It features a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating and is 50-meters water-resistant.

In A Nutshell

Every time Rado introduced a new product, it competed with other Swiss watchmakers. Rado watches have received more attention than their Swiss watch rivals. And based on its notable timepieces and materials, this is no surprise. Ready to get one of the models? You can check them out at The Watch Company today!

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