7 Actionable Tips To Increase Webinar Attendance Rate

Webinar marketing is not an emerging concept in the business. It is among the most effective ways to acquire new leads and customers for companies. It can increase the engagement of your viewers. You can sell digital products through your webinar and many other advantages.

There’s a caveat.

The above results are only feasible only if you’re able to convince an adequate number of people to sign-up and take part in your webinar.

That’s where the issue is.

The challenge doesn’t stop with having a large number of registered attendees. It is essential to ensure that they are present.

The reason is that the number of attendees is usually lower than the total number of registered attendees. Some webinars have even a 30 percent attendance rate.

However, successful webinars could reach up to a 70% rate of attendance at a webinar.

Do you want to learn the secrets of their webinars? Here are seven ways to increase your webinar’s attendance rate.

Provide Exclusive Offers to Attendees

I’m sorry to break it to you; incentives work. Some attendees need some encouragement and push to join your webinar.

You could offer them special offers. For instance, your offering could be a guide, template, or even a template.

It is essential to inform the people who register with you that you’ll offer exclusive deals for free to lure them into signing up.

Engage with the registrants consistently before the webinar

Some people forget or are swept into work so that they quickly forget about your webinar.

What you must achieve is to keep the date in place by making sure you are engaging with the registrants consistently via social media.

Discuss with them matters related to the webinar. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions about the topics they would like you to cover during the webinar.

It will increase the number of people who attend your webinar. It will draw new attendees via social media.

Fix a Flexible Day and Time

One of the main reasons people who register can’t participate in webinars is that they’re not able to. It’s that simple.

Many people do not remember the webinar. They get reminders for marketing, but they are also too busy and don’t have time to watch your webinar.

If that’s the scenario, you must determine the schedule and date for the webinars. Think about your viewers and the amount of time they spend.

You shouldn’t be comparing a stay-at-home mom’s schedule with that of an employee of a sales department. When you’ve identified the demographics of your target audience and what their schedule is, you’ll be able to determine the best timing and date.

According to studies, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are the best days to host your webinars.

The optimal time to be awake is between 10 and 11 am PST/ 1 two pm or 3 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Avoid choosing dates that conflict with holidays, public events, or other occasions.

Send Text Reminders to Registrants

SMS reminders are an effective way to ensure that your participants receive the reminder.

The majority of people are constantly on their smartphones. You can be confident that they’ll find it.

It isn’t an alternative to email reminders, but it is a great alternative. The problem with email notifications is that most people like not having their emails on to avoid distractions while working.

Therefore, if your message is delivered to them when the notification has been turned off, it isn’t sure that they’ll focus more on your statement when reading their emails in a batch.

Host Webinar More Than Once

Many people don’t attend webinars because they are busy and the most you could do is be flexible on the date and time for your webcast.

The best way to achieve this is to make your webinar on more than one occasion. You can repeat it repeatedly, three times. However, you like it.

Hosting more than one webinar can provide more opportunities for people who have a busy schedule and could not attend the webinar previously.

There is no requirement that it be a live event. It means that you will have more attendees. You can play the recorded recording of your first webinar and interact with participants through chat.

Use the Right Webinar Platform

It is necessary to download a webinar application to access the webinar room isn’t fun.

What other webinar applications do I need to install to access every webinar I want to attend?

These are the things you should consider. Many attendees may find it difficult to download an app to join your webinar.

Therefore, when choosing a webinar software, make sure you choose one browser-based, allowing viewers to view the live stream directly on their web browser.

Provide a Good Webinar Experience

One of the factors that decrease the participation rate of webinars is the bad webinar experience.

Low-quality sound, poor quality video, and lousy streaming services are a few reasons that deter participants from staying until the webinar’s conclusion.

It is essential to select the right webinar platform to provide the best webinar experience. Utilize a top camera and microphone for high-quality sound and recording.

Check everything, such as your Internet connection, before starting your webinar. Experience is everything.

The result of marketing and hosting a successful webinar is about understanding your audience and making it enjoyable and easy for them to take part in your webinar.

Heron Nelson

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