How To Set up Business Mail Redirection

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When any company moves offices or addresses, their mails and parcels must be redirected to the new locations. But, the process of changing the mailing location of your business can be very complicated and overwhelming. Whether your mailing address changes or missing out on essential packages because the address is not updated, a business mail redirection service can help. 

Yet what precisely is business mail redirection? Let’s take a closer look at business mail redirection briefly.  

Business mail redirection: virtual addresses and online mail management 

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Business mail redirection as a standalone service only offers businesses a solution to have their mail physically redirected to another location.  

However, many companies have utilized virtual addresses and online mail management solutions to digitize this process, improve efficiencies, and reduce their costs while handling the company mail. Here’s how every standalone service works: 

Virtual addresses 

Virtual addresses are physical locations that multiple businesses can use instead of their addresses. When signing up, businesses are typically offered a unique variant of the address. This can often be a number indicating a unit.  

For instance, two companies may share a virtual address location, but their addresses will be unique. Besides, companies can benefit from virtual addresses in many ways, including privacy, hiring contractors, and conveying a professional image. However, with mail redirection, they act as a center where all your business mail goes, replacing the need for physical locations.  

In addition, using this method can increase the chances of virtually maintaining the same address, regardless of how many times your business moves or relocates employees.  

Online Mail Management 

As far as Online Mail Management is concerned, it transforms the physical process of handling mail into a digital one, eliminating the need for physical handling. With this method, businesses can end physical mailrooms and business stationery through online mail management, improve efficiencies, and save money.  

No matter when and where you move your business, both methods are advantageous. In this manner, you can avoid the hassle of redirecting mails specifically. Moving forward, in the case of redirecting mail, let’s explore why and how to set up mail redirection for the business.  

What is the process for setting up business mail redirection? 

In a business mail redirection service provided by the Royal Mail, any mail intended to go to one location and recipient is forwarded to another. Consequently, you can redirect the mail if your presence at an address is no longer required or if you are no longer doing business at the previously-established address. However, the mail you still receive at an obsolete address can be redirected before reaching an outdated address.  

As part of the process to set up the business mail redirection, an owner should include the business’s full name, whether it is the registered business name, a trading name, or an abbreviation. Furthermore, a copy of the owner’s identification card is needed. On the form, you can find all the other documents required to complete your application. 

When to set up mail redirection? 

It is urged that business owners apply for redirection services as soon as possible. To process the application and set up the redirection of business mail, Royal Mail needs five working days at the very least. In most cases, before relocating, business owners can request postal redirection services for up to six months. This service is available for an additional six months following relocating.   

You should note that redirection services will not be available immediately after an application has been sent after moving. There might be instances when a business owner’s new address is not given to the post office until less than five working days before the move. Thus, some mail or packages arrive at the old address instead of the new address. 

Additionally, the owners can select the duration of the mail redirection service. They can access it for three months, six months, or one year. Moreover, a company can use mail redirection services for up to four years. After your application has been accepted, they will send you a letter of acknowledgement to the old address, which will confirm that the redirection has already taken place. 

How much does it cost? 

Business owners can set up their mail redirection four years in advance. There is, however, the possibility to set up your mail redirection for less than three months. Generally, three months is the minimum payment duration. 

To conclude: 

The business owner’s responsibility is to ensure that all mail addressed to them can be delivered to the new location when changing addresses or moving offices. It is wise to opt for mail redirection If your whole business is moving. By following the process mentioned above, you can easily set up the mail redirection for your business. 

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