6 Ways to Improve Your Immigration Law Business

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One of the most well-kept secrets in the legal profession is that running a successful law firm, regardless of the type, necessitates both business and marketing skills. This is especially true if you are an immigration law business owner since this line of business is a bit unique.

Getting the word out there and landing new clients can be a bit difficult, so take a look at our tips and tricks if you want to improve your law business.

Use immigration software

Immigration law involves the filing of lengthy forms to state bodies such as the USCIS. This used to take hours of dull data entry, which was mostly done manually.

Luckily, technology has made it possible to nearly completely automate the creation of these forms, allowing more time to be spent on more important tasks.

However, immigration software does more than just make it easier to fill out papers. It can also be used as a powerful case management system. To put it another way, the software makes it simple to organize cases, set deadlines, and delegate work to team members. You will eliminate human error and save a lot of time that can be used in a better way.

Don’t forget accounting

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If you own a small legal company, you must understand the fundamentals of law firm bookkeeping and accounting. Legal bookkeepers and legal accountants work with your firm’s finances with the common goal of assisting you in growing and succeeding financially.

Your company’s financial transactions are recorded and the financial accounts are balanced by bookkeepers. Legal bookkeeping is a necessary administrative duty for each legal company before any accounting may take place.

Accountants are responsible for analyzing, interpreting, and summarizing financial data. Legal accountants use financial data recorded by a bookkeeper as a foundation upon which they can help your firm.

If you are still managing all of this on your own, you should definitely consider either investing in good accounting and bookkeeping software or in a reliable CPA (certified public accountant). If you choose to hire experts, your business will remain compliant and you will never have to worry about papers again.

Go multilingual

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In your immigration business, you are likely to meet a wide range of people from various ethnicities and backgrounds. It’s possible that many of them don’t speak English as their first language. 

If you’re an American lawyer, your marketing materials may have been written in English, at least at first. But you should also consider the clients with whom you usually collaborate.

What languages do they frequently use:

  • Spanish?
  • Portuguese?
  • Chinese?

Whatever the answer, you’ll probably want to provide helpful, easy-to-read content in these languages so that your clients can better comprehend what you’re saying and feel more at ease with your practice.

Rather than merely putting your information into a translation program, use a native speaker or services that translate it naturally. Otherwise, you risk losing impact and repulsing potential clients.

Be good at networking

Developing professional contacts for recommendations can help any legal practice generate more business. However, for immigration firms, building these contacts both domestically and internationally is a must. Being involved in your local legal community can go a long way toward ensuring the success of your practice.

You can connect with programs like English as a Second Language classes to provide tools and knowledge that can lead to recommendations. There are opportunities to network and connect with people from other countries. Perhaps you have a lot of Hispanic clients.

Also, consider reaching out to immigration advisors and lawyers in South America who might require your local legal skills to assist clients with the immigration process.

Take advantage of video and audio content

Video marketing is becoming more important for effective marketing strategies, and podcasts are also a good way to reach out to new audiences.

These can be even more useful for immigration attorneys because they can help you increase your reach. While some people may struggle to write or read specific languages, they can frequently communicate in them (and vice versa).

Translating information allows you to reach out to people who like to read in a different language. You can serve people who like to hear or speak it through video and podcasts.

Additionally, using video marketing and podcasts increases the authenticity of your company, which helps with building trust.

Be active on social media

Never underestimate social media’s ability to help you reach new clients. Your company can better connect with the community by using social media.

This helps you build relationships and reach new audiences by expanding the channels through which your company provides content and encouraging others to do the same across their networks. Keep in mind that consistency is crucial when it comes to growing your audience and expanding your reach on social media.

Final words

You may start working on targeted initiatives that will help your immigration law company contact your ideal customers with these six tips. Just be consistent and patient and you will see the results you desire.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.