5 Tips to avoiding a Bitcoin scam

The rise of Bitcoin as a major selling cryptocurrency in the world has led to the growth of many scheme and scams from fraudsters. Some of them are to bring down the Bitcoin value while others it’s just about taking others possessions. They are finding new ways to take advantage of the innocent and that is why caution is advised. However, there are safer and legit Bitcoin investments willing to make you more money through trading. Below are some of the few tips to help you avoid a Bitcoin scam:

  • Register with Bitcoin trader. Bitcoin trader is a crypto robot run by a group of trading professionals devoted to helping you invest wisely. Before you register, you should ask yourself, is Bitcoin Trader a scam? This will help you research more about the crypto robot, get to know how to operate and use it, whether you are a newbie or an experienced trader. Bitcoin trader has been verified and proved to be 100% legit and devoted to helping people make good decisions before investing. Its security level is very high to ensure that hacking is avoided and your currency is safe at all times.
  • Avoid easy money. One thing that will make you prone to scams is the unquenchable thirst for easy money. Whenever you are offered such a deal, it is wise to think twice. Rich people don’t become rich overnight or through just one investment. With Bitcoin, you need to grow gradually. In order to be making good money, you need to at least have experience and patience. Whenever you encounter sweet deals that promise high returns in short period of time, you should avoid the temptation to invest as it is probably a scam.
  • Follow up on your investments. Although it may seem like an added hustle, it is highly recommended. Most scam investments are Ponzi schemes that run in a circle. In Ponzi schemes, your money is used to pay another person and you are paid by a newcomer’s money just to keep you happy and in the game. When you trust the investment to be true, you will make a big investment that would probably just vanish. This can be avoided by following up on your investments.
  • Be aware of the risk. Most investments have a risk attached to them. If you come across an investment that says there is no risk involved, then it is definitely a scam. The purpose of a scam is to win you over with sweet words and guarantees of no risks. Before you invest, know the risks and weigh them against the possibilities.
  • Start small. To avoid Bitcoin scams can be hard at times but you can minimize the risk by making small investments. This may seem as slow but with patience and enough experience to predict trades, you will grow financially. With small investments, it also means low risks in case of failure.

You should do a good and detailed background search on your investments before you commit. Take your time with no one to push you or haste you and always consult with professionals.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.