5 Things you should know about changing your address temporarily

Sometimes, a vacation away from home and work is something that you would want. However, as much as you would like to distance yourself from the regular schedules of life, it would be awesome if you keep in touch with people.

You can do this by changing your USPS address temporarily. Some people only know of the option of turning it completely. Today, we help you learn something new. You can change your postal address temporarily to a new one if you would love to go back to your old residence. Therefore, we provide you some points to help you know some vital things about changing your address.

  1. Do it early

If you are moving to a new location, packing stuff for the journey is somehow overwhelming. The process of changing your address is not that easy. You will have to alert all your business partners, friends, practitioners that you receive help from, including others, that you will be moving.

The best time to fill out the form is two weeks before the moving date. It will be to your advantage since by the time you will be arriving at your new home, the address will have changed. The postal officers take two weeks to get the work done.

  1. Online is cheap

Well, walking into the USPS offices is a great idea. They will give you a form that you will have to fill. However, nowadays, technology is doing great work to make sure that you get everything on time and at your convenience.

Rely on your local USPS portal. It will take you a minute, or so, to get the process underway. Additionally, you will save yourself the energy you could have used when being part of a long queue that can waste your precious time.

  1. Temporary address change has a timeframe

While filling the form, you will have to indicate the time that you will be away from home. Temporary address change is possible if it is between two weeks to six months. If you do not have enough information about how long you will go, do not worry about that since you can only indicate when you assume that you will return. On the other hand, if you need some form of extension, they will possibly add you another 364 days from the day you request it.

Sometimes, you can also ask the local postal services to tell you if they allow the letters to remain in their custody before you get home. Most of them allow the letters to stay for 30 days at most.

  1. Verify everything

As you fill out the form, ensure that you cross check everything. Read the name of your new home repeatedly. One simple mistake will mean that your letters will go to the wrong address. Also, be sure to contact your local postal services if you want a quick correction in place.

When you apply online, the postal service will send a letter on time to verify that you are the one who asked for a temporary change of address. They make sure that the letter reaches to you on time to prevent any wrong changes.

  1. Service charge is $1

We live in a world where getting things easy is the best thing. Therefore, different people come up with websites that offer these application services at an extra cost, mostly $40. Ensure that you check up to know the right website to use.

Finally, when filling the form, you will be asked for a debit or credit card number. The number is to verify that you are the one, and avoid scammers from performing their heinous acts.


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.