5 nifty tools you might not have heard of

Day by day, as technology is being driven to new heights, performing tasks is becoming easier for us. We have a tool or a platform for every given purpose. The reason why it is sometimes overwhelming to choose the best from the lot. You of course don’t want your business to function on sub-quality tools.

Every tool has its own USP, but some still prove to be better than others measured in terms of different criteria – efficiency, price, time-required and so many others. With significant research, I have listed out 5 tools that have a proven track record of excellent results.


Stillio is an automated tool that generates automated website screenshots at regular intervals. Now if you are wondering what benefits it has to offer. Well, there’s a list! It helps you preserve your online heritage, capture evidence for any crisis in the future, and store all your virtual content. Plus, it is a completely automated process. You just need to set the screenshot frequency and add as many URLs as you want. You can also add tags, for filtering purposes and group them under custom tags. Plus, all screenshots are filtered by domain for ease of retrieval. You can even add custom titles for neatly organizing your data. And lastly, you can always save screenshots. Customization options are always available to increase your efficiency. Apart from all of this, you can track your competitors’ progress by generating screenshots of their website!


Tawk is a tool which focuses on having a hassle-free communication between businesses and customers. It provides live chat support and messaging services, free of cost. You can reach out to your customers directly by mobile phone, apps or desktop. With Tawk, it is easier to serve personalized and real-time customer service that delivers a message of ‘We care for you’. It helps you unlock a frictionless channel for the whole purpose of conversational commerce. In multiple ways, you are proactively initiating a chat with both, website visitors and app users. We are all aware of the importance of communication along with the human driven-customer service and Tawk is your best bet to manifest it in your organization.

Page Optimizer Pro

As the name suggests, this tool concerns your website. In today’s world, the first thing that pops up in our head, when we talk about websites is SEO! Exactly where Page Optimizer Pro kicks in. It is an on-page SEO founded by the SEO leader Kyle Roof. It is your go-to guide to craft an SEO-optimized page, ranging from keywords and keywords variations to the best page structure and word count – Page Optimizer Pro or POP will help you with everything. It also helps you uncover the on-page secret of your competitors and guides you likewise. In comparison to the number of benefits that it provides, it is comparatively very cheap.

Alli Ai

Until now, SEO was all about human efforts and manual operations. Alli Ai changed the game with its launch of artificial intelligence for SEO. From building backlinks to optimizing your site, from scaling your outreach to getting more traffic – Alli AI does it all. It’s probably the first tool that updates itself with the change in algorithms of Google – the features it has to offer might seem like too good to be true, but it is for real!


This is another must-have for your digital party. As the name suggests, InVideo is an online video creation software, with a user-friendly interface. Considering the high response rates on video, you can’ afford to eliminate videos from your digital marketing strategy. But well, creating them is not so pleasant process. But with Invideo, it’s the exact opposite – It helps to create storytelling videos with pre-made templates in minutes. One of my favorite features of this tool is that it allows you to create a video directly from a post link. You can customize it as per your needs or select from their already existing templates. Now you don’t need to be an animation expert to create eye-pleasing videos. Wise usage of all the tools mentioned above will minimize human efforts along with improved results. Digitalization can certainly reduce the efforts but can’t altogether replace human power. So never give up on the hard work, keep hustling, and I am sure the zenith is already making its way to you.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.