5 reasons why you need to invest in Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are practically ‘everyday’ for the millennials. Scrolling through the traditional news feed is rapidly turning into the past, as 500 million users worldwide use Instagram stories every day

Back in August 2016, Instagram launched its Stories feature, followed by the launch of live stories feature. The basic idea to bring up the Instagram Stories feature was to infuse the daily connect to eliminate the fear of missing out. It works on a principle of stories disappearing within a time span of 24 hours. So, if your audience is not quick to react to it, they fear to lose it forever!

With nearly 1.7 billion accounts using the Stories feature daily, it’s time for you to invest in this spontaneous trend too! Here’s why.

1.     Increased interaction with your audience

Instagram stories reportedly drive more audiences than just your normal posts. Irrespective of the fact that they last just for 24 hours, the instant reaction is enormous. Plus, your story updates are not just seen by your followers, but they are also discoverable to the users who are yet to hit the follow button. So, if you are reaching out to your new audience consistently with irresistible story updates – the day isn’t far when they will turn to your loyal followers. Plus, if you have 10k or more followers in your Instagram Business Account, you get to add swipe-up links, which help you drive even more traffic.

2.     It is inexpensive to start

We all know promotions and advertisements aren’t cheap anymore, and if you want to target a very specific audience, it can cost you a fortune. But, on the other hand, Instagram, with its story features gives you a kick-start at zero cost. This is not only great for smaller companies, since they have scarce resources, but also for the big giants, who are willing to cut down on the Instagram Ad budget. Small business owners and entrepreneurs start with zero budget but with creativity and innovation rapidly climb up the ladder, similar is the case with Instagram.

3.     Advantage of being immersive

Instagram stories got way more helpful than before with the recent introduction of the full-screen ads on stories. This helps you build stronger bonds and develop intimacy with existing and new customers. Marketing teams and companies are now looking for raw and unfiltered advertising to cement this process. Now Instagram features also help you strengthen your targeting capabilities. You are not only making your ads more relevant but features like adding videos for viewers and links for immediate access make it more reachable.

4.     It establishes deeper connections

In a population of 1 billion active Instagram users, it becomes very difficult to establish a deeper connection with your target audience. Stories are your best bet to bridge this gap, they interact with your audience and give them insights about your daily life establishing a more friendly relation. Apart from that, 1 out of every 5 Instagram stories, receives a direct message. This stat is self-explanatory about the success of Instagram stories Instagram promotes direct engagement, and if you know the right tips and tricks for capitalizing it, there’s nothing better. It will help you get more instagram followers too. Talking about capitalizing, it depends on how good you are in posting exclusive insights. Posting content like behind the scenes footage, office scenes, factory scenes, and assembling units help your audience to picture you as an extended family. It builds trust, and trust drives revenue.

5.     Helps to connect with millennials

Instagram is the millennial-driven platform. The reason this point made it to my list is that most of the business ideas or startups nowadays are focused on providing an improved lifestyle for this generation. And Instagram stories are the best path to reach their hearts. Promote authentic content, post relevant matter and utilize creative techniques and see how the mobile-only generation flock onto your website. In a way, Instagram stories humanize your ideas, transforming you to new heights. Instagram has been revolutionary. So have been the Instagram stories in terms of marketing and promotions.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.