5 Most Common Human Resource Management Challenges Faced By US Businesses

Human resource management is very challenging especially in this digital age, which has added more complexity to it. From persistent of software updates to transparency of social media, as well as the remoteness of international teams.

Besides, managing different people is also overwhelming, as humans are very complex beings. Thus, human resource is a very challenging job for anyone, regardless of personality.

However, the digital age also comes with some helpful software to ease the management process of a business, putting all workforces under one management tool.

As a result, the manual process of keeping up with the business workforce is experiencing slow elimination, giving room for easier and faster means of managing human resources. As a result, you will end up saving time, money and effort usually spent on manual workforce management systems.

This is because you can easily manage human resources on one software tool, be it for local or international business.

You can check out Advance Systems, one of the most reliable and compliant workforce management software provider in the current market.

This software is useful for global and even small businesses, helping them keep track of workforce attendance, and absenteeism as well as giving them real-time visibility of their workforce. You can use it for all things human resources as it features a centralized data and customized solutions.

Besides, Advance Systems is mobile-friendly meaning you can manage your business team from anywhere. It also comes with superior customer services.

However, even with these kinds of workforce management software, there are still many challenges that a human resource management team faces in the everyday operation of a business.

Here are a five common human resource management challenges faced by US businesses:

  • Retaining Unique Talent

The hiring competition is very fierce and challenging, even sourcing the right candidate can take a toll on the human resource management team. However, even after the candidate is secured, retaining them can be hard as they may opt to look for greener pastures elsewhere, probably at your top competitors.

Now it is up to you to device better incentives for them to stay for the long run, by understanding what they truly want and expect from your company. This is because most employees nowadays enjoy job-hopping and even switching careers, in search of better opportunities.

  • Creating Workplace Culture

As much as the workplace is supposed to be challenging and fast-paced, it should also be fun and not overwhelming to the employees. Besides, it should cater for every employee, taking into account diversity.

Since the US is one diverse nation. You cannot just build policies and incentive programs convenient for some people. You have to do a thorough research and come up with flexible programs that fit all, for a fun and respect workplace that recognizes everyone’s achievements.

Besides, hiring like-minded and motivated people can help make the environment at work positive, thus facilitating the success of the business.

  • Managing Higher Compensation Demands

Given the hard economy, every employee is bound to ask for a raise. This can be challenging for the human resource management team because it might mean letting go of some top employees or cutting down on operation costs.

As an HR professional, you need to keep your bosses and employees happy, but at times this is hard and you might be left with unhappy employees and loads of resignation letters, all in search of better employment packages. You might even end up losing your best talent or go beyond to retain them if they are indispensable and hard to hire.

  • Workforce Training and Development

It can be challenging to provide the appropriate training and development for lower level employees in the company. Sometimes it is hard to find and even afford the resources needed for the training. Besides, some employees might not find time for such company training.

As much as you can invest in online training, this at times depends on the kind of business you are running. This is because some businesses in the US may require face-to-face interactions and even field training.

  • Adapting to Innovation

It is always hard to keep up with changing technology but since its business. You have to make sure that the company adapts to it ASAP, to stay ahead of their competitors. This can be challenging, as some employees might be slow to change, finding it hard to embrace.

However, since you need everything up and running, in no time. You might be forced to hire other new talents who are equipped with such skills and let your old employees go. The whole process is time-consuming and costly either way, but the business still needs to adapt to new technology no matter what.


In conclusion, as a professional HR, you always have to find your way out of some of these challenges, as the business has to grow and prosper. Therefore, always be ready for the challenges.   

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.