5 Marketing Strategies for the Tourism Industry

If you are in the tourism sector, you know all about competition, and as every business owner is looking to make smart online connections, perhaps it is time to evaluate a few avenues that might be worth exploring. We are living in a digital age and without some professional help, reaching your target groups can seem like an impossible task, and with that in mind, here are a few strategies to pursue when looking to reach the right type of person.

  1. Social Media – If you are offering a holiday experience, social media is a potentially great platform on which to show what you are offering. You could take some video around your resort and post some professional images, and some resort owners run contests, where users can win a free holiday and receive gift cards as prizes – a great way to increase revenue.
  2. Travel Magazines – Most are online and if you can persuade one of their writers to spend a few days at your resort, this would have a powerful impact on their readers, and by offering a discount to their readers, you can expect a few bookings. The more connections you have, the easier this becomes, and you could call in some professional help, where a leading digital marketing agency would head up your campaigns.
  3. Organising Events – Let’s say you own a luxury yacht in Phuket and are looking to attract some clients, you could moor up and host a small drinks party onboard the vessel, which is a great way to have potential clients sample the amazing ambience on your boat. You could pick up quite a few charters this way, and by forging an alliance with a local tour operator, you are increasing your exposure.
  4. Contests – By offering an all-expenses paid holiday for two, you can generate a lot of web traffic, and this is often a profitable way to get bookings, and you could do this seasonally, with a winter weekend break as an incentive at the start of the year. You can also make good use of gift vouchers, giving them to clients who can then give them to friends and family, which can be very effective.
  5. Client Reviews – If you are focused on providing the ideal holiday experience, you should highlight and encourage client reviews, as these are very powerful when it comes to giving the consumer peace of mind. If, for example, you have a young family who thoroughly enjoyed their stay, you could do a short video of their account and post this on your social media pages, and very often, people will rebook after giving a review, as it reminds them of the good times they had during their stay.

The tourism sector has always been highly competitive and this calls for a diverse approach to marketing, while bringing in professional help is always a wise move with any form of marketing. Which approaches you take would very much depend on the type of business you run, but all of the above are worth exploring.