5 HubSpot Features Small Business Users Can’t Live Without

Are you looking for a leg up on your competitors when marketing your business?

With 83 percent of businesses saying that digital marketing is improving their sales, it makes a lot of sense to learn how they are doing it.

One of these options is HubSpot, an all-in-one platform for your digital marketing needs.

If you have been looking into HubSpot and still aren’t sure how it can help, you’ve come to the right place. This post will show you five ways your business can benefit.

Keep reading how Hubspot marketing software can benefit you and your business.

1. CRM Software

If you are confused by the complexity of other CRM software, HubSpot offers a user-friendly alternative that gives you the tools you need to manage your contacts. 

There isn’t a need to learn a complicated piece of software anymore if you only need somewhere to manage your connections.

2. Social Monitoring

Social media has taken over a large part of the internet. Many people spend a large part of their day there catching up with friends or following the news. 

Having a presence on all these platforms is a lot of work. But, with a little automation, you can streamline your social media presence by scheduling your activity and posting it to multiple platforms at once.

HubSpot allows you to build campaigns and manage them in one place, giving you a robust workflow to get your social media work done.

3. Lead Workflow

Have you put together a proven process for following up with leads?

With HubSpot, you can design a sales funnel for all your sales team to follow.

Your workflow will send your leads pre-generated emails on a schedule to follow up with them to get them warm. Then once your team gets in touch, they have an easier sell and can move them further into the workflow.

4. A/B Test Your Emails

Email is king for business.

But, it isn’t always easy to figure out if what you are doing is working.

Figuring this out is where A/B testing comes into play. You can use a service like a HubSpot MailChimp sync to import your contacts into HubSpot and use it to run testing on your marketing emails.

These experiments work by testing small changes in your email. You can make small changes to colors, link text, and images to determine which email variation results in most conversions.

Even if you can only get a percent increase here and there, it adds up. If you are doing large volume, that can also lead to a significant revenue increase.

5. Content Management

There were an estimated 505 million blogs in 2018.

Businesses are using them to inform and add value to their customers. You need a place to manage your content before the world sees it.

HubSpot provides a simple interface for you to plan out your content and see how it looks before it hits the web.

Once you start getting views, you can check out HubSpot analytics to see how your content is performing.

Use HubSpot for Your Marketing Software

Don’t fall behind your competition. You can use marketing software to streamline your sales and customer support process. You are already behind the curve if you haven’t started implementing the strategies provided by digital software.

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.