5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service this Year

For a business to be successful, it must have customers. The best way to be sure customers come back is to have excellent customer service. Even in a highly competitive market, the price is not always the critical deciding factor in where individuals choose to give their business. In many cases, customers are willing to pay a bit more for products or services from a company they deem worthy. There are five main ways to improve your customer service this year:

Delegate Responsibilities

Often, the best part of a business is its owner. When owners get too bogged down in behind-the-scenes administrative tasks, the company can suffer. Customers love seeing a business owner passionate and knowledgeable about their products, and it is a sure way to bring them back time and again. Hiring additional staff will cost money, but the business will likely be better because of it.

Be a Good Role Model

Employees learn what to expect from them on the job by watching their boss- or the owner. If management makes customer service a priority, other employees will follow suit.  Upwork.com provides four tips on what this can look like:

  • Create expectations on how quickly employees should respond to customers via phone, email, and online.
  • Provide management with authority to resolve customer complaints quickly.
  • Get your hands dirty now and then, spending time in each division of the business.
  • Develop protocol for conflicts, both with customers and with employees.

Constantly Improve Technology

Technology is continually changing and evolving, and businesses that keep up with their customers send a message that they care. Utilizing this technology to produce great customer service is a bonus.

Consider using databases to store and manage customer details. Be sure payment options are current, and utilize all of the tools at your disposal, including a website, social media, email, and other types of small business tools.

Offer Great Support Options

In today’s world of instant answers, customers don’t want to wait. Be sure to update your website with the most current information. Jason Chalik, partner at  Chalik and Chalik Personal Injury attorneys suggests, “Offer customer support on platforms that your customers want to use, such as chat, voice, email, or social media.”

Provide Current Information

Nothing irks customers more than outdated or incorrect information. Be diligent in making sure that all of the information provided on your website or other publications is correct and as up to date as possible.

Be Personal

Take the time to develop a relationship with your customers, and they will come back time and again. If they are in your physical shop, learn their name or something about their preferences or the products they buy. If they are online, consider especially wrapping items before shipping, or sending a follow-up “thank you” emails or satisfaction surveys. Despite today’s sterile technology environment, people still value a personal touch.

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