4 ways to keep your hotel guests safe

Whether you’re in charge of running a hotel or you’re the proud owner of a modest b&b, I’m sure you’ll agree that the satisfaction of your guests is the most important thing in the hotel trade. However, as a hotelier or b&b proprietor, it’s the safety of your guests that should ultimately be your number one concern. 

When you’re in the hotel business, your business must stand apart from the competitors in your field and in your local vicinity. Those USPs are crucial to enticing visitors to stay and to keep them coming back. However, if the safety of your guests is compromised in any way, then your only USP will be putting your guests in danger. 

So, what safety aspects should you bear in mind when running a hotel or b&b? Read on for 4 ways to keep your hotel guests safe.

Install the right signage 

When it comes to guest safety, signage is your friend. Not only does the right signage help guests avoid hurting themselves and in turn prevent a potential lawsuit against your business, but it can also guide your guests in the event of an emergency such as a fire or emergency evacuation. Check out mysafetysign.com for the very latest in business safety signage. From emergency escape routes displayed on the back of hotel doors, to first aid signs, fire escape signs, route signage and information such as, not to use the lift in the event of a fire and where to gather in case of an emergency, all these signs will help keep your guests safe.

Protecting patrons data

The last thing anyone in the hotel industry wants is to be the victim of a cyber-attack. Sadly, these kinds of data breaches are becoming more and more common. When your guests book a room and then pay for your services, they’re entrusting all their personal information as well as their credit and debit card details to you. Therefore if anything were to be breached, then your reputation as a dependable hotelier would be in tatters. Consider adding additional layers to your security infrastructure, including firewalls and cybersecurity insurance. Speak with an expert to obtain a cybersecurity assessment. 

Make staff wear a uniform

People coming in and out of your hotel all day long, changing faces, different people behind the desk, cleaning rooms etc. Without a uniform, it could be difficult for patrons to know who to talk to about a query, or who they could let into their rooms. Ensuring that all staff wear a uniform is a simple yet effective security measure.


Installing a high-quality CCTV system throughout your premises is crucial. It allows you to monitor areas where money is stored or other supplies. You can keep track of who is coming and going, make note of anyone acting suspicious and ensure that all guests are staying safe whilst on your premises. If your business is growing rapidly, consider employing a third party to maintain and observe your security cameras at all times. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.