Package Deals: Tips To Choosing The Best Courier Service

If you’re a medical professional running your own private practice, you will likely need a reliable courier service to handle the timely delivery of bulk supplies and other important equipment from time to time. However, as there are near countless courier services out there, settling on the best one can be somewhat of a challenge. As you would carefully consider the type of hospital beds, surgical gloves, and other equipment specific to your practice, you should also consider the quality and reliability of the services you opt for. Let’s examine a few of the things you will need to consider before you decide. 

Timely Deliveries 

Your courier service has to understand that time is of the essence. There are services that specialize in the delivery of medical equipment, which would be far more suitable than a regular door-to-door courier. There are other companies that provide guaranteed same-day delivery or even one-hour rush services (provided that the distance is within reason). If you’re hoping to find a courier service that boasts these crucial aspects, you can check to assess their services offered. You will need your bulk medical supplies to arrive in a timely as any delivery delays can lead to devastating results for your business.

Size Does Matter 

When you are choosing a courier service you definitely need to consider the dimensions of your consignments. Is it batches of envelopes? Crates or pallets? While many companies do cover this whole spectrum under one roof, it may be in your best interest to check if there is one that suits your exact needs in terms of your product dimensions. 

Cheaper Isn’t Always Best 

Cost to value is definitely something you want to consider, especially if you are a medical professional. Every single pickup and delivery costs you, and since you will definitely be paying something, make sure that what you are paying gets you what you need. Knocking a few cents off the dollar per package may not be worth it if it costs you on timing and quality of service. 

Top-Notch Service 

Even though you are outsourcing your delivery service, you will need your deliveries to be handled with care to ensure your business is able to function as it should. Part of quality service means you should be able to track your packages and the courier’s customer support should be on top of things regardless of the time of day. This way if something does go wrong then you are aware of where things are and you can track it and the companies quality customer service will help you along the way. 


Last but certainly not least, packaging! Your parcels must be delivered in perfect shape and part of that is having the correct packaging. The courier service you opt for will often be packaging your deliveries for you, and you will want them to arrive in pristine condition. Receiving damaged goods can be extremely frustrating, especially if the couriers poor quality packaging and recklessness is behind the issue. Rather than inevitable find yourself frustrated, you should carefully consider the courier service you opt for.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.