4 Tips for Hosting Effective Virtual Meetings

Did you know that the use of virtual meetings have grown more than 80% — and counting. I for one am not the least bit surprised by this statistic. 

Using technology to meet with clients and provide services to them from anywhere in the world has huge benefits financially and convenience wise.      

Sure, virtual team management will never replace face-to-face meetings. However, if you want to reach a larger pool of prospective clients and facilitate communication with your current customers wherever you are, then using technology to host virtual meetings may be the way to go.

Elements of Highly Effective Virtual Meetings

If you are planning to start hosting virtual meetings in your business, here are a few suggestions and tools that you can use to make your meetings more effective:

1.  Use the right tools.

Communication: Skype is arguably one of the best communications apps that you can use to hold virtual meetings. Skype can be used via your desktop, laptop, tablet pcs and other mobile devices to setup calls, chat sessions, conference calls with and without video.

Screen Sharing: Join.Me is one of the best screen sharing apps and online collaboration resources that you can use for your virtual meetings.  This app is also available for download for your mobile devices, desktop pcs and tablets.


2.  Use a video camera— (aka) “Webcam” for engagement. The Logitech C920 or Logtech C615 Webcams are excellent resources that you can use in your virtual meetings is a great way to add a more personable touch to meetings with your clients and prospects.


3.  Keep your meetings short and to the point. To improve the efficiency of your virtual meetings, holding them for 15-30 minutes is ideal.


4.  Send an agenda to your clients and participants prior to your meeting. Sending an agenda prior to your meetings is a good way to make sure that you and your attendee (s) are on the same page and to keep your meetings in order and as productive as possible.

Are you holding virtual meetings? If you are, I would love for you to share some of your tips that you are using to run them effectively via Twitter.  Thanks! 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.

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Steve Dosan

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