4 Reasons Launching a Podcast Should Be Your Next Business Play

Podcasts have become an integral part of marketing strategies, but their popularity hasn’t always been at the level it’s at now. More and more listeners are beginning to recognize and appreciate the value that they can get through podcasts that other digital media sources can’t quite offer.

Podcasts are now considered one of the best new marketing tactics. This article will explain why businesses that want to increase their audience should not discount how powerful a podcast can be. 

1. Connect with a More Targeted Audience 

Are you good at communicating and conveying a lot of valuable information? With a podcast, you can speak to thousands of your potential customers at once without sacrificing too much time. Interested listeners can then inquire as they have time, but people aren’t under any pressure as they’re the ones initiating the listening efforts. 

“Podcast listeners know that what you have to say is valuable, and they want to continue to listen. After you establish your credibility, it’s more likely that commercial relationships can blossom,” remarked Sherry Cross, an attorney at Simmrin Law Group. Clients who are podcast listeners will likely know what to expect and will be lower maintenance than a brand new customer who needs to learn more about your company or product. 

2. Provide More Value

While brief content is everywhere, a podcast can give you a chance to cover a topic in-depth in a way that no one else can. Research has found that 3% of listeners hear only the beginning of a podcast show, which means they’re sticking around and prefer to stay to listen to the entire show. Other formats don’t have as long of a time investment where you can share your expertise. This level of depth can help interested buyers make a purchase decision faster. 

Another unique benefit about a podcast format is that listeners get to know the host on a much more personal level. The connection is usually even more personal when a podcast is not heavily edited because it allows the host’s personality to shine through.  

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3. Achieve More Affordable Marketing On Your Time

While they can be a lot of work, podcasts don’t require significant upfront investments. All you will need is podcast hosting and an inexpensive microphone if you can handle basic production and editing on your own.

Even if you’re already a busy person, the host only has to do the talking. It’s possible to outsource everything out, including show notes, setting appointments with guests, promotion, editing, transcription, and publishing. 

4. Generate More Income

Getting to speak with decision-makers and industry leaders can attract a lot of attention to your company. Not only do you get a chance to hold a lengthy interview and support them in the process, but it also helps them to get to know you. This can open doors for more opportunities in the future.

Additionally, many non-competitive companies will also be eager to pay you to have a few minutes with your audience. Podcast sponsors are everywhere, and they can help bring in even more income.

In summary, starting a digital marketing podcast can be an interactive project that establishes your credibility and brings you much closer to targeted listeners and industry experts. Plus, it’s fun, exciting, and you’ll get to hear ideas and stories that could be groundbreaking for your audience.

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