The most productive locations for business meetings

Every business meeting needs to be well-used, lest they risk wasting significant amounts of your company’s time. To achieve this, a suitable amount of consideration must be given to the location of your meetings. The environment influences the tone of your discussions and can even influence the time spent in these situations.

After all, it’s no secret that meetings can sometimes be an tedious and at times inefficient, so it’s important to minimise this feeling in your firm wherever possible. But how can it be done?

Consequently, here’re the most productive locations for business meetings. 

The conference rooms

This is likely an expected answer to begin with, but it’s worth exploring all the same. After all, when colleagues build a report and have had numerous workplace meetings together, they can sometimes get a little too relaxed and standards slip. Suddenly workplace meetings are being conducted in the company kitchen or at one another’s desks while people are pulling out phones, and things get too informal. You cannot let this happen!

Some rooms are outfitted for half a dozen to a dozen people assembling and exchanging ideas, and others are not. The company kitchen may have room, but there’re numerous factors that can cause distractions; food, other colleagues walking in and out, endless supplies of coffee, etc. In the end, the conference room is the only suitable place for a formal office meeting on your workplace premises. Everyone will be focused, and meetings can be carried out far quicker with constant eye contact, face-to-face interaction, and clear speech. 

The coffee shops

Yes, the next item seems mildly contradictory. However, every meeting has its own context, which is certainly important for you to remember. In this case, the coffee shop meeting is appropriate when your partners or clients are looking to be impressed by your business. Different people have different ways of doing things, and the best way to be agreeable is by being social with company outsiders. 

This location will help relax the client or partner, and make the firm seem more human and personable. After all, if everyone looking to do business with you is subjected to a gruelling and rigid routine in a formal conference room, chances are they could be intimidated or think the business is trying to overpitch its position. Sometimes, a causal meet place is best when building a report, and the coffee shop provides that!

Private jets

Meeting locations have a clearly outlined criteria. They need to be a relatively exclusive and private area, be an enclosed space so everyone can be heard, and adamantly discourage phone usage. Well, luckily private jets make this kind of environment easier to come by! In some situations, this option is certainly viable. 

Additionally, private jet rental opportunities allow these important meetings to be held ad hoc to allow the most significant meetings to be held in in a highly productive environment. If you and any colleagues are travelling abroad, hop aboard one of these planes and enjoy their lavish conference rooms. There’ll be no phone signals up in the sky, and the limited flight time may encourage everyone participating at the meet to be clearer and more concise with their points. 


Different meetings demand different environments, so it’s always important to pay attention to the context. The setups between colleagues should always be conducted in a formal environment, whereas a bit of informality can be useful with clients. If your business is prone to travel, then conducting meetings while in the air might just be a productive way to schedule them instead!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.