4 of the Top Review Websites on the Internet That You Should Bookmark

The internet is full of information and content that can enlighten as well as entertain you. You can get the best movies, music, books, articles, and most importantly, food!

The one big problem with the internet is falsified information. Since someone can just create a website and claim that an item is genuine even though it is not, buying things on the internet has become a challenge.

Online review sites decided to carry the “S” on their chests and help us make better decisions when shopping or browsing online. Since some of them may be falsified too, here are the best review websites you should visit:

1. Notebookcheck.net

If you are planning to go shopping for a laptop, then notebookcheck.net is the best place to find the reviews. Notebookcheck.net is a notebook review site that gives you full specifications of a laptop and its review.

What I like most about notebookcheck.net is that they do each and every test by themselves. They do not use data from manufacturers before proving that the items indeed perform as advertised.

You can also their own images, screenshots, and videos on the site. You will, therefore, experience a first-hand feel of the product that you want to buy.

2. PCMag.com

PCMag is an alternative for notebookcheck.com if you are looking for more than just laptops. PCMag reviews every type of computer, especially desktops. Since most of today’s computers are focused on the graphics performance rather than general CPU performance, you should get a very detailed review of the graphics card in a specific PC.

Alternatively, you can go ahead and search for a specific graphics card and check out which computer listed on the website has the same GPU.

3. Yelp.com

Moving away from the laptops and computers, Yelp is one of the best review sites for businesses. If you are looking for the best restaurant, club or any other business in your vicinity, Yelp is there to help.

It organizes businesses according to your location, hence it is much faster to use than most of the other alternatives. However, there are some sites like https://www.anthonymancuso.net/ that specialize in general reviews and are pretty handy when you are traveling.

All in all, Yelp is definitely a great site to research the best businesses online. The only drawback is when critics hate you instead of your business. They’ll just smash some one-star ratings until your business seems low class.

4. Google

Google is also a great site to check out business reviews. Don’t mind seeing it at the bottom; this is just a list, not a review.

Google.com has one thing that gives it the upper hand; it is a search engine. Basically, any business review that you are looking for will first be visible on the search engine before you click on any link.

The reviews are usually displayed on the top right section of the search results page. The star rating together with a small amount of detail is shown. The site also reviews people, movies, books e.t.c.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.