12 Things Employees Look for in their Workplace

The contemporary job market is undoubtedly competitive, but that competitiveness isn’t just limited to the prospective employees that face off against one another. The businesses of today are confronting their own challenges in attracting the right talent to their doorstep – as well as retaining qualified personnel in the long-term.

Understanding exactly what it is that employees look for in their workplace is an essential step in building a successful workforce. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the key components of any attractive work environment, helping your business reel in the talent needed to succeed. 

Let’s jump right in with our first point.

1. Competitive Benefits

While the wish list of many jobseekers is expanding to reach beyond financial compensation alone, there’s no doubt that competitive benefits still reign supreme. 

No matter the profession or industry, talented professionals expect to be fairly compensated for their hard work, and the package of benefits offered by a potential employer can make or break their decision to sign on the dotted line.

2. Additional Perks

Though most fundamental benefits such as salary packages may be largely standardised in order to remain competitive, additional perks offer businesses a real opportunity to separate themselves from the pack.

Added perks can include anything from bonus structures and private health insurance to free food Fridays and volunteering time, and many prospective employees consider these extra benefits as part of their job search. For this reason, paying attention to the extras can be immensely beneficial – no matter how small they might seem.

3. Flexibility

The nine-to-five mentality is steadily losing ground. In its place, flexibility is fast becoming the new standard, largely as a result of significant changes in the economy and the way in which we work. The professional workforce of today has experienced that development first-hand, and many employees expect to find room for flexibility in their chosen workplace.

Over the past five years, leading office brokers Office Freedom have recorded a sharp increase in the number of flexible workspaces both on a global and national scale. In 2018, the number of new flexible workspaces in Central London grew by 42% and in the four years between 2014 and 2018, their portfolio of global centres more than doubled.

This global trend is a direct result of a change in attitude towards the workplace and a movement to make the working environment more enjoyable for all employees. Today, workers are looking for businesses that provide a space that supports their lifestyle, well-being and development.

There are many different ways in which employers can successfully deliver flexibility in the workplace. From providing a flexible office space to offering less stringent working hours, taking a flexible approach can go a long way in getting the most out of staff well being and performance.

4. Room for Creativity

Many great achievements are built on creative solutions, and the workplace is the ideal environment in which to allow creative ideas to flourish. 

Standard work processes may work well in structuring the bulk of the work, but there will always be a time and place for creative, out-of-the-box thinking. Allowing employees space to approach problems creatively is what separates the average businesses from the highly-innovative companies of tomorrow.

5. Team Spirit & Social Contact

We all like to know we’re working towards achieving a common goal, and almost every productive work environment applies this principle in one way or another. No individual can achieve commercial success entirely by themselves. 

Great teams and relationships are the backbone of any business, and fostering an authentic team spirit can work wonders in rallying both new and current employees around your cause. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that the popularity of coworking spaces has enjoyed explosive growth over the past several years.

6. Challenge and Inspiration

A lack of inspiration or challenge is public enemy number one as far as staff well being is concerned. This is partly because most career-driven professionals will be looking to share their ideas and expand their skills in the workplace. Work environments that make it hard for employees to do so are likely to send them in search of success elsewhere.

Whether it be through setting ambitious goals or allowing room to engage in tasks that go beyond their job description, challenging and inspiring employees at every opportunity is key to both their work satisfaction and self-improvement – a definite win-win from a commercial perspective. 

7. Inclusivity, Diversity & Respect

The modern workforce is diverse, incorporating employees from all backgrounds and identities. Inclusive work environments are able to make the most of this wealth of potential, delivering comprehensive solutions that reflect the diversity of the professionals behind them.

Inclusivity and respect are a minimum requirement of any modern workplace. Not only do inclusive work environments offer scope for employees to be themselves, but they also help to significantly improve job satisfaction.

8. Development Potential

The importance of long-term development is a recurring theme throughout every business and industry. Almost without exception, every employee will be setting their sights on achieving some kind of long-term professional goal.

Work environments that set employees on a clear career path are significantly better placed to develop their in-house talent and retain staff, bringing along significant advantages to both employers and employees.

9. Company Values

Reputation matters, and the values your organisation stands for play a crucial role in shaping that reputation. Modern employees and consumers look for more than a commercial edge alone. Instead, they are more likely to buy into a brand or organisation that takes steps to make the world a better place.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is already a significant part of most companies, but promoting values in a truly unique way can help add an extra dimension to your company profile. Do it right, and you’re likely to see a more steady influx of customers as well as potential recruits.

10. A Convenient Location

Being able to work from a convenient location is a major plus for most job seekers. One of the reasons for this is that proximity to good transport links can help significantly reduce the time employees spend commuting.

Offices situated at the heart of a bustling area are also perceived as being desirable in more general terms, partly due to the abundance of local amenities and facilities. Thankfully, the growing popularity of flexible office space means that prime office locations are now much more budget-friendly than they once were.

11. Business Growth

The opportunity to be part of a growing business is an attractive prospect for all manner of job seekers. Whether it concerns a promising start-up or an established multinational, successfully achieving results will often pave the way for further successes to take shape.

The need to drive ongoing success is essential to any business, but the rewards can be broader than profitability alone. The more your business grows, the more likely it is to catch the attention of talented professionals looking to get in on the action.

12. Work-Life Balance

Striking the right work-life balance is arguably one of the most challenging aspects of working life. The right work environment can make an important contribution in supporting that goal, providing employees with the flexibility they need to achieve satisfaction at work as well as outside it.

An easy and increasingly popular way for business owners to enable their employees to create this balance is to great a flexible office space with great facilities.

This office space in London provides a relaxing roof terrace that employees can enjoy during lunch or after hours.

From on-site gyms and yoga classes all the way through to roof terraces and break out spaces, modern offices are being built with employee wellbeing in mind. Instead of creating an environment where it is all work and no play, offices are becoming a place that support the lifestyle of their employees and create an environment that is more productive and enjoyable.

What’s more, facilities such as these can be crucial in turning a workplace from good to great, helping to attract and retain more talent in the process.

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Adam Hansen

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