10 Important Packaging Industry Trends for 2019

Product packaging is one of the most important marketing tools in every business. Beautiful, robust packaging can help improve your company’s brand identity. It also makes it more noticeable.

A product packaging revolution is upon us. There is increasing care about wasteful packaging and sustainability. We can expect designs to get better.

If you’re in the packaging industry, this is important. You need to know the trends that are revolutionizing the world of packaging.

In this guide, we give you 10 important packaging trends in 2019 you need to know. From food packaging trends to the best in packaging marketing, we have everything.

1. Minimalist Designs

Minimalism is one of the best things to happen in packaging marketing. With more brands trying to be more transparent with products, minimalist designs work. This post lists the worst mistake you can do in minimalist designs, but we have something you can use.

You want to take advantage of the color in minimalist designs. Having materials that enhance the color profile of your packaging is great. This not only makes the labels pop but also make the typography easier to read.

2. Sustainable Packaging

Global warming has become a topic of many packaging trends. Packaging tends to become disposable trash once the product is in consumption. Not everyone is willing to keep the world green, so it’s up to business owners to do it. 

Among the current trends in the packaging industry are greener designs. Packaging with recyclable materials are not only green, but they also help with marketability. Studies show that customers are willing to pay more for brands with green packaging.

3. Soft, Eye-catching Artistic Designs

Food packaging trends will always have two types of trends flowing at the same time. Many of these trends are in total counter to the ideals of the other. In parallel to minimalist packaging are soft, eye-catching artistic designs.

Many of these designs provide not only color but style too. This makes them an easy pickup for any customer. In contrast to minimalist designs, bold, bright and loud patterns can look awesome too.

4. Better, Thinner, Stronger Packaging

Much like the trend towards greener material is becoming a strong packaging trend, improvements in manufacturing are refining materials too. The aim is to get better, stronger and thinner packaging that does the same job, for many reasons as seen here for example.

Refinements in manufacturing techniques make designs not only simpler but better too. Less packaging means less trash in the long run. This means the eco-friendliness is still on point. 

For business owners, less packaging means more bottom-line dollar saved for packaging marketing.

5. Packages Connecting To Digital Spaces

Packaging has become digital, and businesses rely on the internet more than ever. Even then, food packaging trends still point to professional, functional designs. Your packaging needs to use techniques that point users towards your marketing.

This is where QR codes come in. Smart packaging is used for businesses who want to add longer life to their customer value. This is doable by adding QR codes that connect your customers to an online community.

When it comes to packaging marketing, people who love your products can go back online using QR codes. These are great not only for integrating them into your communities. These also work for brand awareness contests as a long-lasting incentive to buyers.

6. Maximalist Designs

Among packaging trends, those that run in parallel to minimalism trends is maximalism. Most of the current maximalism trends come from the interior design space. Even then, packaging takes advantage of this design mantra.

Maximalism uses frills, geometric designs, and clashing patterns. This is to create much of their marketing through strong brand persona. This design space does so to evoke a feeling of personality for the product. 

People are more willing to engage with brands that show more personality than a bland style.

In addition, people see much of what minimalism offers. This makes people gravitate to its design parallels. These provide a quaint feeling for the product, creating a story in every label.

7. Transparent Food Packaging Trends

Transparent designs are becoming more of a robust element in food packaging trends. Because people are showing concern with what they eat, transparent packaging gives consumers assurance. This technique shows what the customer is getting and emphasizes craftsmanship too.

People care about the perception of freshness in their food. Transparent packaging gives a sense of pride and accomplishment when consuming good food. Transparency evokes freshness, and people love to see what they are putting in their mouths.

8. Black and White Design

Black and white design have become one of the major go-to packaging marketing techniques in the past. The color style still flourishes to this day, thanks to the classic styles that black and white shows. Black and white show mystery and interest, which is great for many different packaging applications.

If anything, black and white styles are simple. They are no-frills that they pop. Whether you’re selling food or cosmetics, black and white packaging shows luxury and mystique.

This is a packaging trend that you might want to try for yourself.

9. Flat Design Revolution

The flat design revolution has hit the online world in the past decade. Now, the flat design philosophy is coming to the world of packaging. Approaching with a flat style philosophy before you even start can help make ideal designs for any application.

Flat packaging trends don’t stop at basic shapes and geometric designs. You can compose designs that cut down on the depth of field, which work with any product shape.

10. Quirky, Anthropomorphic Designs

Unusual and playful packaging in food packaging trends can give your product life of its own. Most brands can take advantage of quirky, anthropomorphic designs with bold colors. Contrast these with a strong but clean typeface and you’re creating visual dominance.

This kind of packaging design makes the product pop. If you want to make your products a fun experience for the buyers, this can be the best choice.

Take Advantage of Packaging Industry Trends Now

When it comes to the packaging industry, trends change according to the needs of its consumers. 

From sustainable packaging to playful colors in design spaces, these can help boost your marketability. Find a design that fits your brand mantra and run away with it if you can.

If you’re looking for more trends and design tips, check out our other guides. We have different style guides that can give you the best design has to offer. Take a look today.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.