5 Incredible Benefits of Video Marketing in 2019

This year, global consumer internet traffic accounted for 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic. This factor alone makes it clear how invaluable video marketing is now and how important it will be moving forward.

Are you still on the outside looking in with video marketing? If so, it’s high time to learn about all the benefits of video marketing and why it is something you should invest in right away.

1. Video Helps Boost Sales and Conversions

Videos can help make you money (enough said, right?). By adding a product video on your landing page, you can increase your conversions by 80 percent.

Video can also lead directly to sales. In fact, people who watch an explainer video about a product eventually purchased it. Now is the time to craft your product videos.

If you think about it, the effectiveness of video marketing isn’t even surprising. Vision is the most dominant sense humans have.

Most information sent to your brain is visual, which means that video is invaluable. You can read more here about why video is so powerful. 

2. Increase Brand Awareness

A great way to increase your customer base is to help more people find out about your business and what you offer. Instead of getting lost in the crowd, you want to ensure your business stands out among the competition.

By using video, you can easily and quickly convey your core values. This can help increase exposure to your potential customers by offering educational and entertaining videos that inform potential customers about your business. This can also help them remember your name.

3. Catch Your Customer’s Eye

Up to 65 percent of video views watch over 75 percent of a video, which is much more than traditional, text-based content.

Video content can generate more attention from consumers than other content types. With content marketing being so competitive, it’s essential to have something that helps you stand out.  

Consumers are given an excess of content to look at and dedicate their time to viewing or reading. The more captivating your content is, the more likely it is to be fully consumed.

4. Video Provides a Great ROI

If the benefits above aren’t exciting enough, approximately 83 percent of businesses have stated that video offers a good return on investment. While production of a video isn’t the cheapest or easiest, it pays off in the long run.

Also, the available video editing tools are always improving and getting more affordable. In fact, modern cellphones can even make good videos.

Another bit of good news is that your videos don’t have to be perfect. It’s really the content that matters. In fact, it’s been proven that users are often put off by videos that don’t explain the service or product clearly enough.

Poor design and low quality don’t matter as much. It’s pretty safe to say videos are similar to pizza — even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.

5. Video Helps Boost Social Media Engagement

Even though the days of Vine are long gone, video is still taking over social media content. For example, you have Instagram Life, Twitter Periscope, Facebook Life, and Facebook videos just to name a few.

You may wonder why this matters. It matters because video is the most shared content on social media today.

Today, Facebook places a higher priority on video content because it’s aware of what their users want. Everyone enjoys sharing content that is entertaining to friends and video has the best chance of doing that. 

6. Trust and an Emotional Connection

The goal of marketing is creating long-term relationships built on trust between business and consumer. Quality and effective marketing campaigns begin with trust. Video marketing can help create the trustworthy connections you are trying to build in ways that other content formats can’t.

Video is powerful. It can evoke emotions online unlike any other medium. With video, you can use things like emotional music, facial expressions, and tone of voice to your advantage. This isn’t possible with an infographic or blog post.

Not everyone will respond to your emotionally impactful video right away. However, they are likely to remember it in their subconscious when the service or product becomes more relevant to their specific needs.

7. Google Loves Video

With videos present, you can increase the amount of time people are spending on your site. Longer exposure helps build trust while signaling to the search engines that your site offers quality content.

Your 53 times more likely to appear first in Google if you have videos embedded on your website. Because Google owns YouTube, there’s been a huge increase in how videos affect your rank in search engines (at least with Google).

It’s important to optimize your videos on YouTube for SEO. Create interesting titles and quality descriptions. Add a link leading back to your services, products, and website, too.

This gives customers instructions on what to do next. You should also consider using interactive videos, which encourage “next steps” even more.

Benefits of Video Marketing: Now You Know

Now that you know some main benefits of video marketing, it’s time to take action. Don’t wait any longer to use video to benefit your website and business. The investment of time and money will pay off over time.

Be sure to keep the information here in mind. If you are looking for other helpful tips that will help you achieve business success, check out some of our other blogs. We are dedicated to providing business owners with access to accurate, reliable, and actionable information.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.