ZTE Achieves BSI’s Security Certification for its 5G NR Product

ZTE Corporation, a reputable global provider of communication and information technology solutions, has achieved the NESAS Cybersecurity Certification Scheme – German Implementation (NESAS CCS-GI) for its 5G NR gNodeB product. Being the first 5G equipment provider to secure this certification, ZTE demonstrates its commitment to providing secure and reliable products and services to customers worldwide. 

NESAS CCS-GI and BSI Certification

The NESAS Cybersecurity Certification Scheme – German Implementation (NESAS CCS-GI) is a significant certification in the realm of 5G networks. The certification process involves rigorous product testing and process audits to ensure that 5G network components adhere to the highest standards of security and reliability. Obtaining NESAS CCS-GI certification is an essential milestone for manufacturers, as it allows them to independently verify the IT security capabilities of their 5G products and obey the certification obligations outlined in the Telecommunications Act (‘TKG’) for decisive components in the current 5G networks.

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is a driving force behind secure digitization in Europe. By actively participating in the development of the NESAS CCS-GI and future European 5G certification schemes, BSI promotes a harmonized approach to ensuring the security of 5G networks across the continent. The organization’s expertise and knowledge contribute significantly to the creation of the European 5G certification scheme (EU5G), which aims to foster a unified regulatory environment for 5G security in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2019/881, also known as the Cybersecurity Act.

The relationship between NESAS CCS-GI and the Cybersecurity Act is crucial, as the former serves as a model for the future European certification scheme under the latter. By leveraging the experience gained through the NESAS CCS-GI certification process, BSI is well-positioned to help shape the EU5G, ensuring that the security standards for 5G networks are consistent and robust throughout Europe. This collaborative approach ultimately benefits all stakeholders in the telecommunications industry, fostering a safer and more secure 5G ecosystem for consumers and businesses.

ZTE‘s Achievement and Compliance with Security Specifications

ZTE’s accomplishment in obtaining the NESAS CCS-GI certification is a significant milestone, as it marks the company’s position as the remarkable first 5G equipment vendor to secure this prestigious recognition. This achievement not only highlights ZTE’s dedication to product security and innovation in the rapidly evolving 5G landscape but also sets a benchmark for other industry players to follow suit. By attaining the NESAS CCS-GI certification, ZTE demonstrates its unwavering commitment to providing reliable, cutting-edge 5G solutions that meet the highest security standards.

Throughout the certification process, ZTE displayed exemplary compliance with all security specifications and process requirements outlined by the NESAS CCS-GI. This comprehensive evaluation included stringent process audits and thorough product testing to ensure that ZTE’s 5G NR gNodeB product met or exceeded the security expectations set forth by the German national certification scheme. ZTE’s dedication to adhering to these rigorous standards exemplifies the company’s focus on delivering secure, high-quality 5G network components to customers worldwide.

By achieving full compliance with the NESAS CCS-GI security specifications, ZTE not only validates the robustness of its 5G NR gNodeB product but also instills confidence among customers, partners, and regulators that its offerings align with the industry’s most stringent security standards. This commitment to excellence and security helps solidify ZTE’s position as a leading provider of secure, innovative 5G solutions in the global telecommunications market.

ZTE’s Openness, Transparency, and Future Initiatives

ZTE’s commitment to openness and transparency is a cornerstone of its corporate philosophy, which is evident in its approach to security and compliance in the global telecommunications market. By adhering to the laws and regulations of the countries where it operates, ZTE demonstrates its dedication to ethical business practices and ensures that its products and services align with local and international standards.

As part of its future initiatives, ZTE plans to continue seeking authoritative security certifications and carrying out third-party certified independent security tests. This proactive approach to security assurance enables the company to validate its product offerings and demonstrate its compliance with the most stringent security requirements in the industry. By pursuing these certifications and tests, ZTE not only strengthens the trustworthiness of its products and services but also contributes to fostering a safer and more secure 5G ecosystem for all stakeholders.

In addition to its ongoing security efforts, ZTE remains committed to providing customers with secure and reliable products and services. The company will continue to innovate and invest in the development of cutting-edge 5G solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers while maintaining the highest levels of security and performance. Through this customer-centric approach, ZTE aims to solidify its position as a leading provider of secure, state-of-the-art communication technology solutions in the global market.

In conclusion, ZTE’s dedication to openness, transparency, and industry best practices in security and compliance is central to its ongoing success in the telecommunications sector. By continuously pursuing security certifications, conducting independent tests, and delivering secure, innovative products and services, ZTE is well-positioned to lead the way in the development and deployment of secure 5G networks around the world.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.