YouTube Marketing Best Practices: 6 Ways to Reach Your Customers

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YouTube has been and, it seems, will always be the best platform when it comes to video marketing. As a matter of fact, recent studies have shown that Youtube is has surpassed to become the worlds 2nd best search engine.

To reach as many of your prospective customers as possible, Small Business Sense presents a list of proven Youtube marketing best practices and video marketing techniques that you can use in your business.

6 YouTube Marketing Best Practices for Maximum Impact

What exactly should you do to reach and engage your customers using YouTube?

Share What You Know

Painting yourself or your business as an authority in the field requires not just your empty words but useful and actionable information. With YouTube videos, you can easily share what you know and what you think your customers ought to know about your niche and your business. For example, if you’re in the carpet cleaning industry, you might give tips about how to choose a carpet for a specific room, what kinds of cleaning agents might be used for small stains, and the like.

Offer Tutorials

If your company offers products or if you’re endorsing a third-party’s product, which may be useful for your industry, creating video tutorials will give you massive brownie points from prospective and existing YouTube subscriber. Offering tips along the way, highlighting features that most users miss, and answering commonly-asked questions can also add to your videos’ charm.

Entertain Your Audience

No, I’m not saying you need to be a clown or a stand-up comedian. What I mean here is that you ought to sharpen your wit and add a dash of humor to your video script. You must be comfortable enough to tell jokes and make fun of your mistakes without actually veering away from your topic. People watch videos for a reason—and that reason is often “to learn” and “to be entertained.” Bountii has this list of YouTube bots that can help you get more views.

Share Business Presentations

Most businessmen create presentations for events inside and outside their companies. These presentations may discuss present problems, competition analysis, future offerings, and the like, all of which may affect how the business works and how it interacts with customers. Some might argue that they’re boring, but for those really interested in your niche, they’re golden nuggets that are worth watching and sharing.

Tell Your Story

Look at the advertisements of big brands today. Samsung, Apple, and Red Bull, just to name a few, have switched from simply showcasing their products and features to creating a compelling story. If you want to reach more customers on YouTube, you should follow these brands’ leads and create videos that tell the story of your business and products—how they came about, what they are aimed to do, how they can affect your customers, etc.

Don’t Forget Your Call to Action

I can’t emphasize this enough: your call to action is a must-have in all your YouTube videos. It doesn’t matter if your video is advertising a product or simply sharing industry-related tips: it must have a call to action. Tell your customers what you want them to do. Encourage them to take action by bringing up the next steps such as subscribing to your channel, clicking on your website link, sending an email, subscribing to your newsletter, calling your phone number, or buying your product.

YouTube videos are very powerful marketing and engagement tools. Take full advantage of them by following the tips I shared with you today.

PS.  Here is a great infographic on Youtube Marketing Best Practices that you should check out:

Youtube Marketing Best Practices


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