5 Must-Watch Youtube Channels for Small Businesses

Did you know that Youtube is currently the worlds 2nd largest search engine and processes more than 3 Billion searches a month?  Neither did I.   

I’ll be the first to admit that whenever I get stuck with trying to figure out how to do something, Youtube is my go-to source for tutorials, especially video tutorials. 

It is also a site that I frequent to learn more about various subjects in small business because I firmly believe that as an entrepreneur, you never stop learning. 

For today’s post, I’m rounding up a post filled with several of my favorite Youtube channels that I believe are filled with excellent content about different subjects.

Here they are in no-particular order:


  1. Ramit Sethi – Ramit is the founder of Iwillteachyoutoberich.com. In his Youtube Videos, he covers a range of topics from personal finance to Entrepreneurship.  One of my favorite videos from Ramit isHow to Talk To Someone More Successful Than You

Here is the video:


2.  Lisa Irby– Lisa is one of my favorite bloggers and online entrepreneurs. She is the founder of 2createawebsite which teaches people how to start and run successful websites.  Lisa does an excellent job of keeping up with the latest and greatest in changes with Google, Search Engine Optimization and other gives awesome WordPress training tutorials via her Youtube channel.

One of my favorite videos from Lisa is: Getting Google Traffic (How SEO Has Changed).




3. Vishen Lakhiani– Mindvalley Insights…I discovered Vishen’s youtube channel years ago. His company Mindvalley insights covers a ton of great information for newbie entrepreneurs and startups.

Check out the video below from this team that discusses 4 Ways to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Virtual Company




4. Daymond John – a multimillionaire and founder of the clothing line FUBU and judge on the Super successful show “Shark Tank”… has a ton of great entrepreneurial insights that he shares via his Youtube Channel.

Daymond’s  interview  entitled “Building Dreams” is a favorite of mine. In this video, he discusses how he was able to build the FUBU brand into a multimillion dollar business. Great stuff guys!



5. Marie Forleo –Marie runs an uber-successful business and is the founder of MarieTV.  Her videos are full of  inspiration and wisdom for newbie and seasoned entrepreneurs. One of my favorite and inspirational videos from Marie is on the topic of “Self-Sabotage”

You can catch the video below…


I would love to hear from you. Are there any Youtube Channels that you love that you recommend to others? If so, please share them below. Cheers!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.

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