Your Business Needs Its Own App and Here’s Why

Nearly everyone has one, either stashed away in a pocket, a purse, or in its own little wallet. They keep us connected to our friends and our family and as a bonus – with the businesses that we love.

Smartphones have changed the way companies are doing business. Once solely the realm of large corporations, now even small businesses are cashing in on the versatility of the smartphone. While billboards and passing out fliers aren’t things of the past just yet, having a smartphone app can fundamentally change your business for the good.

When it comes to visibility, having a mobile app or a website geared towards mobile users is a great way to go. Consider that in the United States, the average user spends at least two hours per day on their smartphone. If you shift your business and marketing strategy to include mobile devices, you can be where your customers are, wherever they go.

Having a mobile app or a presence on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram can instantly increase your interaction with your customers. Likewise, apps that have an option to share with friends can double – or more – your exposure. Instead of investing in an expensive billboard, consider investing those funds into building a mobile app catered towards your business.

“Smartphone apps are quickly becoming the number one way to reach out to and engage with your customer base,” says Matt D’Souza, vice president of sales for Washify. They also offer a way to increase your value to your customers. Obviously, the point of a business is to provide a service in return for payment. However, by using your mobile app as a pathway to a loyalty program, you can increase business as well as provide discounts. Some companies, such as Starbucks, offer exclusive discounts that are only available to those with their app. Another bonus, let them place their order and pay through the app, making their experience that much faster, and therefore, more worthwhile.

A mobile app can also go great lengths towards brand recognition, which is important. Visibility is one thing – but recognition takes visibility to the next step. Allowing customer engagement on social media is huge, but it takes seeing your brand – be it your logo or the app itself 20 times to get truly noticed. A mobile app, which is still something of a rarity on the small business front can help you get that kind of brand recognition.

Finally, a smartphone app can allow you to provide the same personalization to your customer from a distance. By setting up your app to remember private settings, previous orders, wish lists, and even shopping carts, you can help to make your customers feel as though you really care about them. From recommending products based on previous purchases to offering a birthday discount, your app can take that extra step to show your customers that you care.

Smartphones are here to stay. Make sure that your business keeps itself out there by considering a mobile app. This way, you’re only a click or a swipe away, no matter where your customers find themselves.

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