Why Was The Founder Of McDonald’s The Biggest Franchise Owner Of All Time

Beginning his journey as a Red Cross Ambulance driver, a powerful franchise owner like Ray Kroc built his empire little by little to eventually rule the fast-food industry. The founder of McDonalds and a ground-breaking business owner, Ray Kroc, took franchise ownership to a new level and marked history. 

It all begins with a dream, and the process of turning a dream into reality involves a lot of struggles. Ray continuously failed in businesses until he finally met the Mcdonald’s brothers and decided to join their business as an active partner. Even after that, life was not a bed full of roses for Ray. Wrong franchisees, overdue bank loans, and many other problems came along his way; however, nothing could stop him. Ray eventually rose to prominence when he successfully built an empire on his own and left the global franchise industry spellbound. 

The Biggest Franchise Owner And A Business Hero

For all the influential business owners today, who are leading the global market, the beginning of their journey was more or less challenging. And so was it for the founder of McDonalds, Ray Kroc, who framed the franchise industry and left the world stunned. 

Beginning his journey with ordinary jobs and failed businesses, Ray Kroc was always open to new opportunities, and his optimistic nature eventually brought him success. The most significant issues Ray had during his journey were overdue debts, and slowly overcoming them, he built an empire that would become the largest restaurant franchise in the world. He was indeed a business hero and the most successful franchise owner in history. 

Building Up An Empire

Ray Kroc is the name behind the fast-food empire of Mcdonald’s, which became the powerhouse of the global franchise industry. Everything has a beginning and an end; for Ray, the beginning was in the year 1954, in California, when he spotted the successful hamburger restaurant of the McDonalds brothers. The idea of joining them in action was the beginning of everything; the rest is history. 

The restaurant of the Mcdonald’s brothers might have remained a mere street-side restaurant without a mastermind like Ray Kroc. It was this person and his ‘incredible vision,’ as stated by Joel Libava, that took him to prominence and helped build a dominant empire with the same name as the old ‘McDonald’s.’ 

From famous hamburgers and milkshake machines to franchises spread worldwide, Ray Kroc has undoubtedly set an example for generations to follow. 

How Can A Franchise Ownership Advisor Help You Follow The Path of Ray Kroc?

Every budding or aspiring business person would want to follow the path of a role model who has shattered all the stereotypes and set an example. Before beginning a business in the franchise industry, it is necessary to consult an expert who has in-depth knowledge of the global market and knows all the dos and don’ts. 

If your role model is Ray Kroc, the most prominent franchise owner of all time, you should seek an advisor’s guidance who can help you pave the path to success. Here are some solid reasons to consult a franchise ownership advisor today before you think of purchasing or investing in a business franchise:

  • They know everything that matters and is needed. Becoming a franchise owner is difficult; it involves many legal steps and, most importantly, paperwork. An advisor helps you deal with all these issues quickly. 
  • They help you in abiding by the latest franchise industry.
  • They help in choosing the correct business entity for you. This means they help you in setting your dream business. Most importantly, selecting the correct business entity is crucial for new franchises. 
  • They help explain the liabilities and legal rights you will have as an owner of a business. 
  • The primary reason behind consulting an advisor is they can guide you in the best possible way. They can help pave the path of your new business toward success. 

Final Words

Ray Kroc is evergreen; even after his death, his brand, his global business, and his whole empire are still succeeding and will prevail for decades. Mcdonald’s is still one of those top-picked fast-food restaurants worldwide that promise quality food at affordable rates. The age-old business idea of Ray is still very relevant and helps the business stand out amidst numerous modern competitors. And this is because nothing can beat the goodwill of this franchise empire, even today.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.