Why Should You Call a Public Adjuster for Your Insurance Claim in Miami?

Miami has experienced around 31 significant hurricanes. In Miami, Florida, a public adjuster is a liaison between you and your insurance company. Most people don’t know what to do after a flood or hurricane has hit them.

Clean-up crews work hard, but it’s still unsafe for homeowners to enter their homes until the electricity has been turned off and the gas lines have been capped. 

There is a lot of work that will need to be done, and only the insurance company can compensate you for it. A public adjuster Miami will get you all the money due to you by negotiating with the insurance company, but there are some things you should know before hiring one.

A Public Adjuster Will Handle Everything for You

The first thing homeowners need to understand is that they will handle everything for you. They charge a percentage of the money they save you, but it is still worth it, considering all the headaches and stress they can save you from dealing with your insurance company. 

A public adjuster in Miami will hire different contractors to help get your home back in order and ensure that your belongings are being handled with care. They will also know how to get the most out of your claim so you can be compensated adequately.

A Public Adjuster Will Know What a Total Loss is and What isn’t

Most people think that the only way to receive money from their insurance company is when their home or property is a total loss. It is often possible to receive money for damages even if your home isn’t completely lost. 

They will tell you what renovations need to be done and how much you should ask the insurance company. A public adjuster’s job is to get the homeowner as much money as possible and give the insurance company a fair assessment of your damages.

A Public Adjuster Will Negotiate the Best Price for You 

You may not be aware, but insurance companies generally pay well below replacement costs for renovations and home repairs. The reason is that they make their money from investing it, so they don’t want to spend all their cash replacing something that they can make more money on. 

For example, if the insurance company knows that you will buy granite countertops for your kitchen, you will get reimbursed for it. However, if you decide to go with cheaper countertops, the insurance company will spare no expense in convincing you that they are better than granite. 

Public adjusters know this and will be able to get you the best price for your home renovations. It is worth it to hire a public adjuster and make sure that they are experienced in negotiating claims.

A Public Adjuster Will Go Over Everything with You First 

Many homeowners like hiring a public adjuster because it takes their pressure to deal with the insurance company. However, some people don’t realize that a public adjuster has to go over everything about your policy first before they can do anything. 

Before hiring a public adjuster in Miami, you should know what type of coverage you have, how much you are covered for, and what deductible amount is required. If you fail to provide them with this information, you could end up wasting their time and money.

The Public Adjuster Will Have an Easier Time Getting Reimbursement for Your Damage Claim

Most homeowners are unaware that the most significant factor in how much money they receive from their insurance company is determined by their adjuster between the insurance company and the homeowner. 

Insurance companies know this and will use it to their advantage by sending out extremely difficult adjusters. Public adjusters know they have to gain your trust to get you as much money as possible, so they will work with you rather than against you.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.