How video advertising works

Many advertisers doubt whether the video is suitable for promoting their business, and such advertising on the Internet will be profitable. At the same time, Internet marketing experts unanimously rank video advertising as the main trends of 2020. In this article, I tried to give comprehensive answers to the most common questions of customers about advertising on YouTube and Facebook.

Why do I need video ads?

Video advertising is a great way to brand. Five seconds of video can convey a lot more information than any banner or article. Using video, you can increase user loyalty so that they are more willing to shop.

Depending on your goals, video ads can:

  • increase brand awareness
  • Attract more potential customers to the site
  • promote sales growth

Does video advertising sell?

Video advertising sells if you work with it correctly. Like other types of contextual display ads, a video is an excellent tool for both direct and indirect sales (through brand development, increased recognition, increased loyalty, the birth of interest in the brand).

Video can be the “last deciding factor” in the sales chain if we set up ads correctly and can catch the attention of the customer. It is used to arouse interest in a product from scratch. To do this, create campaigns and show reviews of new products on the market.

Why is YouTube better than other ad sites?

The number of YouTube users has long exceeded one billion, and the total video viewing time is growing by 60% every year. In addition, the service provides advertiser-friendly conditions for advertising:

  1. You can watch video content from around the world. YouTube gives advertisers access to a wide audience with the possibility of high-quality segmentation.
  2. The more popular the channel, the greater the return on advertising, as YouTube shows it in the “recommended” blocks. And the user subconsciously trusts advertising more if he/she has already seen this brand and video somewhere.
  3. Youtube is a Convenient and intuitive analytics system that allows you to track the number of users, their interaction with the channel and a specific video.
  4. YouTube has a video editor, quite easy to use. If the budget does not allow video editing professionals to pay, you can process the commercial online.

YouTube video editor allows you to:

  • Combine video and images in one clip
  • overlay text and music on the video
  • crop video
  • Use the built-in color effects in the editor
  • stabilize the video so that the camera shake when shooting becomes invisible
  • change the playback speed

What do I need to run video ads on the Internet?

Only a starting budget. You can start with $ 50, test and decide if you need to refine, adjust or add something.

  • A strategy with clearly defined goals
  • A high-quality, well-designed video (to whom we show why, what we want to achieve) uploaded to YouTube or Facebook
  • The Google Ads account in which you change the parameters of your ads sets the daily budget for the campaign.

How to attract a target audience with video?

You can set the following criteria for targeting on YouTube or other social media audience:

  • age
  • floor
  • location
  • interests
  • user device model
  • users who are searching on the Internet for your product (interested audience)
  • placements – specific YouTube channels or videos
  • Users who have already been to your site and have completed the targeted action

Are your female housewives over 30 years old? Then targeting by gender and age, as well as by audience of interests and channels with video receptions, is suitable.

How to track ad performance?

Decisions about the choice of target settings cannot be based solely on intuition. To optimize advertising campaigns, it is best to use web analytics services – YouTube Analytics and Google Analytics.

The advantage of YouTube Analytics is that it is intuitive. The following reports are available:

  • real-time data;
  • audience retention (you can see the average duration of viewing, check which videos are watched the longest, see statistics for a single video and for a selected period, compare the statistics of your video with a video of a similar length on other YouTube channels)
  • demographic data
  • playback locations (pages, sites, playback devices)
  • traffic sources (where the channel’s visitors came from: from social networks, the official website, and so on)
  • the number of new and departed subscribers (with segmentation by region, date and content);
  • how many users clicked “liked” and “did not like”, shared, clicked on tips or left comments.

But if you approach the issue professionally, you need a more robust data analytics tool, such as Google Analytics.


Video advertising on YouTube or other social media allows you to convey the message of the brand to almost any target audience. You can tell them the benefits of such a campaign and best site for video advertising

Video can be used for branding, attracting potential customers to the site or directly in sales. Do not miss the opportunity to earn income because of the stereotype that video advertising does not sell.

It is important to immediately determine the goals, audience and level of the sales funnel with which you want to work. After that, select the desired message and strategy: information (image video), presentation (viral video, user reviews, instructions for use), problem-solving (call to action, focus on the product).

Video advertising on the Internet is cheaper than on TV. It provides more options for choosing the right audience and tracking performance.

Starting a promotion with videos is much easier than it seems at first glance. If you’ve already set your main goals and made a video, you’ll only need a starting budget and a Google Ads account for youtube views.

Remember that ad campaigns need to be monitored and regularly optimized using data from YouTube Analytics and Google Analytics.

However, success largely depends on what exactly you show the audience.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.