Why Local Home Care Agencies Need to Be Using Search Engine Optimization

The cold, hard reality is that every business needs to pay close attention to SEO. In the modern world of internet research and people getting their information with just a click or two, brick and mortar businesses have to go digital.

However, going digital doesn’t mean just making a website and hoping for the best. Even businesses which provide critical, much-needed services like home care agencies have massive competition on the market. Therefore, they have to do everything in their power to reach as many potential clients as possible.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization means optimizing all your online content so that it ranks high in Google search result pages. When you type “home care agency” into the Google search bar, you get a vast number of pages. However, some of them are ranked really high, among the top three spots, while others end up on page six of Google SERPs, for example.

Top Google spots — that’s where every business wants to be. The only way to achieve that is with thoughtful and thorough SEO, like scottkeeverseo.com provides.

What does that mean for home care agencies?

Home care agencies depend heavily on local searches. Overall, over 50% of Google searches are local. People look for service providers that are in their area. Home care agencies don’t have the luxury or the obligation to target clients globally. That means they have to attract as many clients as possible from a much smaller target audience then they would have were they providing a different service.

How can SEO help your business grow?

Not many businesses still rely on walk-in customers. Most get their business online. That’s why it’s crucial to optimize your websites so they attract a high number of visitors. More visitors means more potential conversions. SEO is no easy task, but an agency can help you. Here’s what a professional agency can do:

●    High SERPs rankings

Of course, the number one task of SEO is to get your business website to the first page of SERPs — preferably among the first three results. Although agencies can’t guarantee rankings, any movement upwards in the SERPs will result in higher traffic and thus, more business.

Given the type of service you provide, SEO and high SERP rankings are crucial for your business. Research shows that almost 90% of people looking for a home care agency do a thorough online investigation before they even pick up the phone to call one. What’s more, people usually check out at least five different providers before they make a decision. That means that your website should be as high up on the SERPS as possible.

  •    Mobile search optimization

When we look around us and really look at people — what are they doing? On the subway, the street, in restaurants, waiting rooms, etc.? They are looking at their phones. An average person is more likely to search for information online now more than ever. And with the rapid development of modern technology, that number will only be increasing in the future.

Therefore, it’s critical to make your website mobile-friendly. People need to be able to get information on the go. Mobile SEO means making the site quick to load and easy to navigate.

  •    Targeting the right people in the right way

Home care agencies are local businesses by nature. That means that the target audience isn’t as huge as one might want it to be. That’s why you have to make sure to attract the right people. There’s no use of attracting visitors to your website if they aren’t local or at least close to your location. Those are not the visitors that can be converted into clients.

Local SEO that agencies can make sure that your website is accessible and that your message reaches the right people — people from your area. What’s more, Scott Keever SEO can help you rank out your competition that’s targeting the same audience.

●    Targeting the right keywords

Hand in hand with local SEO comes the targeting of keywords. Incorporating the right keywords into your website content is crucial for rankings. You have to do keyword research to see what people search for — what they type in their search bar when they need the services you provide. Local keywords that include your specialty and location for example, and all variations of that combination are especially relevant.

However, a quality SEO service will do the keyword research for you and maybe think of some long-tail keywords you haven’t thought about. Incorporating the right keywords into your content in the right way will drive more traffic to your website. What’s more, those visitors will be more than just random passers-by — they will be potential clients.

●    Backlinking

Backlinking drives traffic to your website. Backlinks are, simply put, all links that lead from one online location to your site.

The amount of backlinks that lead to your site, as well as their quality is one of the ways that Google and other search engines use to assess your website. If your website has a lot of quality and high-authority backlinks, Google will see it as influential and rank it higher.

  •    Fresh, regularly updated content

Of course, nothing beats content when it comes to ranking and SEO. Home care agencies should publish diverse content on their sites to attract and engage local visitors.

Regularly posting high-quality content, with integrated target keywords will drive the organic traffic to the website. Blog posts, useful articles on various related subjects, videos, infographics, etc. — these types of content can be helpful to readers. Not everyone who ends up on your website is searching for your specific service. However, if you provide useful content, they will remember you when the time comes.

  •    Online reputation

Great SEO also means building brand visibility and awareness and building an online reputation for your business. This includes managing social media accounts and interacting with potential and current clients. Brand image is everything, after all.

So what are you waiting for?

No business can survive in this fast-paced world of modern technology without some form of SEO. Therefore, take advantage of all the information you’ve gathered and make a solid plan of action.

However, always keep in mind that, while SEO can do wonders for your business, it’s not a magical solution. Great SEO takes time to show results. There is no magic recipe that you can follow to jump to the top of the SERPs in a few days. Great SEO takes time and effort — reach out to a professional to start your climb today.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.