Why It’s Smart for Every Business Owner to Keep a Lawyer on Retainer

Being a business owner is a fine balancing act. There are a lot of responsibilities that need to be met in day to day operations, as well as in long term planning. Creating goals, planning for success, and meeting the needs of your clients or customers, as well as employees, are all things that go into being a successful business owner. One thing that many business owners do not realize is how important it is to have help on hand and services to provide them some peace of mind. What kind of services? Well specifically, it can be lawyers.


A lot of people have their “own” lawyer, which is just someone that they can rely on for their legal matters, but a lot of people do not think that they needed their services as well, and even less likely for some businesses. Having a lawyer on retainer is a great idea to protect you and your company and it is not surprising why people are constantly looking for help on the internet to figure if it is the right idea for them. 


It is a matter of opinion to some whether having a lawyer on retainer is smart, but these reasons listed will prove that it might be less of an opinion and more of a fact.

Bringing on business partners

Having a business partner is a good way to divide up the duties and help maximize efficiency with your work, but there are a lot of hidden troubles associated with having a business partner. In particular, the idea of working with a friend sounds intriguing, but for almost half of businesses that have a friend as a part-owner or partner, they end in failure. Indifferences in ideas and riffs between friends spills over into the business side of things and can cause major trouble, which is why a lawyer is good to have to ensure that there are contractual agreements, not just verbal commitments. 


Even for business partners that are not friends, a lawyer on retainer will help formalize any kind of contract to make sure that there is no room for error and that both parties, or more, are held responsible through legal documentation.

Quick legal support 

While the world is moving into digital means of services for businesses, like financial services, there is still a desire for “the real thing.” The real thing means having an actual attorney they can meet with and discuss their business needs face to face. Human interaction is still the best way to properly express what kind of support or services you need from a lawyer, and having one on retainer for your business makes it easier to do such a thing. It is also handy to have a lawyer on hand in case any surprise issues arise. 


This legal support provides a significant advantage in allowing you to take your mind off of worrying about finding a lawyer as well. Searching around for options when you need it is going to take time to get quotes, read references, and determine if they are worth it, so having a trustworthy legal aid for your business is a smart move indeed.

Business specific help

There are an extraordinary amount of businesses out there. From running a clothing company to owning a food truck, each business offers different needs, and they also present different potential legal troubles. Food truck owners, or any company that relies on vehicle use, can run into issues when things like car accidents occur. The legal experts at https://seerden-law.com/car-accident-lawyer/ show how a lawyer that has the experience, and is familiar with these kinds of legal situations can save a business from dealing with specific concerns. Being strapped with a car accident lawsuit would be a disaster for you or your employees, whether as the person responsible for it or injured so lawyers on retainer are lifesavers. 


Other problems can come from food-related businesses that need special licenses or certifications to run as a legal business. These laws change all of the time, and if you are running a business, then it can be hard to keep up with it when juggling all of the other responsibilities you have. An on-hand lawyer can help walk you through any troubles that are unique to your company.

Employee management

Dealing with employees can be a hassle. There is a lot to manage when it comes to their expectations and yours. While most business owners take pride in having the personal relationships they have built with their workers, they also know that disgruntled employees are always going to happen at some time or another. When this occurs, problems start to happen. Things like less production, taking too much sick time, or simply not showing up are problems that come with employee management. It can get bad enough that lawsuits are filed against you or claims. Some are legitimate, such as injury at work, in which you should be able to properly provide them the support during these times, but others might be looking for a quick payout. 


Having a lawyer on retainer to mitigate the concerns between you and an employee that feels they are not comfortable in the workplace. Going through the process of a long and messy lawsuit or claim can damage your businesses reputation, so it is best to avoid it by being a good leader from the start, but as mentioned, it is sometimes hard to do so and a lawyer can provide the expertise to manage this problem.


While many business owners think that legal problems will not come to them and their company, it is never a bad idea to have a lawyer to rely on if troubling times occur. Lawyers on retainer provide the support you need to navigate troublesome legal issues, but also help you focus on your work without interruption. The reasons listed here are ways in which it is considered smart to have this lawyer, and a business that wants to be successful should know that being prepared is a key to that goal.


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.