Why Ignoring These 4 Tech Tips Can Harm Your Small Business

Building your own business is a dream come true for most people. Perhaps, you’re one of those people who strives to turn your vision to reality. You know how much effort you put into the nights of careful planning, the investments you risked, the people you tried to connect with, and the passion you poured out. If there is one thing you never want to happen, it is for possible harm to come, and disrupt the good plans you crafted. 

However, you live in a time of uncertainty, and change happens often in the business world. No matter how many defenses you may have built, the market is alive, and ever-changing. This development requires also a shift of perspective. 

Nowadays, technology revolutionizes business processes and models. Before, you were manually doing your business and your customers can be engaged in face-to-face transactions. You might have sent your invoicing to your clients on your own, and you’re stuck on how to follow up the payments.  

Synchronizing payments via online banking may help you automate the process. If you do your inventory computation by pen and paper and wants to upgrade, you can check out this WordPress table plugin that does the math for you! 

Technology Is A Game-Changer 

Over time, you have seen the move as multiple platforms such as social media become the new business hub. The adoption of automation using artificial intelligence has happened at a faster rate. Smart sensing and big data analytics found its way even for small business. 

You got it right. You have to evolve in order to survive. These expeditious mechanisms can either be boon or bane, depending upon your response. Would you ride to this wave of change, or will you find yourself drowned? The choice is yours but here’s some helpful tips you would like to consider as you navigate the tremulous sea of business innovation: 

  1. Prepare For Battle: Strategize! 

You need to maximize the weapons you have–phone and laptop. Your most crowded market is probably online, and you need your potential customers to know your business does exist. Using your digital devices, go ahead and strategize which platform is right for you. You can create a buzz on social media to attract more followers. You can also create your own website that customers can easily navigate to. Remember, if you won’t make your presence known, you might be left behind.  

Did you know that 65% of customers reviews product online first before buying them? Also, 80% of millennials are more likely to buy goods or get services from businesses with mobile customer service engagement. Let’s say you’re in the real estate business. You can create content that is engaging, informative, and entertaining. 

  1. Data Is The New Fuel 

You live in the information era where data has been driving decision-making. Well, if you want to improve your customer engagement, for example, you will have to know how satisfied they are with your services. Perhaps you want to know how people are searching for your product online.  

Likewise, knowing the market trends by studying the representation of its fluctuations will be helpful on your production, right? Wouldn’t you love it if you can, at least, predict the outcomes of your decisions based on a flexible model? It would essentially mitigate the risk through a more reliable, data-driven method. 

An informed decision can save you from injury caused by a volatile market. You can invest on tools and techniques that will help you analyze data you’ve gathered. You can save your heart from breaking over losses if you can grasp the game you’re playing. You can keep the upper hand if you know how to invest in technologies that are helpful and uncomplicated.  

  1. Get Your Business On The Cloud 

Since data is your fuel for decision making, you would like to store them especially for future references. Keeping your organization’s files in the cloud will help your company save information remotely. If you plan to expand your business, you’ll need these files eventually. You wouldn’t want moths to eat the plans away!  

Cloud storage is readily available for purchase at a low cost. Try investing in them as your company is growing. Inventories and sales reports shouldn’t be discarded. If you don’t take care of them, you may end up losing information that documents your best practices. 

  1. Discover New Tools 

Efficiency propels business gain. You would like to maximize your potential at a minimal cost. Good news! You’re living in an era where everything is just a click away. Get your hand on a variety of software tools that may increase your productivity such as schedulers and time-trackers. There are also tools for business collaboration, marketing and accounting.  

You can find apps for free, or you can subscribe to them for a small fee. If you won’t try exploring new apps, you might keep doing methods that may not prove to be efficient in the future. Manually doing business process such as bookkeeping can be inaccurate. Why not try your hands at these apps at your disposal? They may help you do your task accurately, easily and conveniently. 


New technologies are rolling out. If you won’t keep pace, they will run over you. Then, you will become a part of the road. For sure, you don’t want to be trampled as other businesses pass you by. You would love to roll over and move forward, five steps ahead. 

June McGown