Refine Your Design: Website Tips For Your Small Business

You can bring new life to your operation with a solid flow of interest, and you can draw more interest in your business with a well designed website.  A good website will serve as a popular stopping point for interested digital consumers if you know the formula to attract traffic.  

Start learning a few things about digital design by taking the time for research.  Check out this brief look at some of the most important aspects of a stellar website design, and consider where your pages could use a little adjustment.  

Highlight communication elements

Communication will take your business far, and the internet serves as an excellent platform for jump starting your company’s consumer communication efforts.  Your design should support and head your communication efforts.  

First and foremost, your contact page needs to be built to connect.  Add several different ways for consumers to contact your business, and then move on to other parts of the site.  Your homepage is a great host for a phone number and contact email.  

Create an easy way to navigate 

You can really give your website design a boost by adding simple navigation elements to utilize.  Your website will be more inviting to users when they can clearly understand how to move about through your content.  

The most common simple navigation is a stationary navigation bar.  This site for portable water cooled chillers shows you just how simple stationary navigation can look, feel, and be.  Keep things clean cut and simple, and web users will engage more.  

Add social media to your design

If your website doesn’t already have sharing icons throughout the design, adding them could really help your visibility.  Sharing icons provide a link between your site and the huge social outlet of the various social media channels online.  

Give interested users who explore your pages the opportunity to share what they find with their friends and family via some strategically placed social media sharing icons.  

Consider developing a blog

When you add a blog to your website design, you add an engaging element to the build.  People love to soak up new information, and a well-crafted business blog could be all the reason for users to spend more time exploring your business online.  

Give readers a blog that holds the answer to basic questions surrounding your industry.  A quality blog post teaches the reader something new.  

Learn to incorporate SEO 

Search engine optimization will serve as an excellent guide to crafting a business website that makes an impact on your target audience.  Good SEO will place your site at the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages), making your business more accessible to the right users online.

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