Why Every Business Should Have A Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy refers to a comprehensive plan that businesses create, which forms the foundation of their marketing activities. Usually, marketing strategies are centered on the core focus of advertising and promoting the business to gain a stronger following. The goal of having a marketing strategy is to use the least resources possible or to focus on whatever the business already has without sacrificing the quality of the marketing activities.

Stiffer competition in the business industry has only just reminded businesses of the reasons for them to have a marketing strategy. Here are some examples of these reasons:

  1. To Have A Better Understanding Of Your Market

In having a marketing strategy, your business is also able to better understand the market that you’re moving in. When you don’t understand your market, you may be moving your business along the wrong dynamics. This means that no matter how excellent your marketing strategies may be, they still end up ineffective, simply because you’re leading it in the wrong direction.

When you know your target market, you also know how and where to focus your marketing campaigns. It’s more tailored for the group of people you know that will genuinely be your customers. That way, none of your efforts stay wasted. Remember that not all market segments are going to be fruitful for businesses. 

If you feel that you’re having trouble with understanding your market and creating a marketing strategy, a good place to start is to seek the help of marketing experts. This refers to a team of experts that know best how to create marketing strategies, depending on the type of business that you have. An example of such marketing agencies is Caffeine Marketing.

  1. Gives You An Edge Over Your Competitors

Yes, your competitors are most likely also going to have their respective marketing strategies. In this aspect, therefore, you’re all in an equal position. But the difference here lies in the quality of your marketing strategy. With a good team working together, you’re guaranteed to have an excellent and workable marketing strategy that will make you stand out. This is where you can have a competitive advantage against other businesses with the same niche as you.

A marketing strategy can also put you one step ahead, not by copying what your competitors are doing. But, it’s in building on their tactics and giving your customers something better than what your competitors are offering.

  1. Better Knowledge On Product Development

If you’ve noticed that your shelves aren’t moving fast in inventory cycles, that could mean that you’re also developing the wrong products. Especially when you’re selling with a minimal scope, this means that your market is also minimal. It’s not always about adjusting your market. In some cases, it also has to do with you selling the right products.

Specific problems that you can discover with a marketing strategy is the realization that the products you’re selling now may no longer be relevant. Perhaps they no longer provide any use to your local scope. Through a marketing strategy, you can also study products and services that have the best profit-making potential.

  1. Better Choice On The Right Marketing Platform

Your business’ marketing strategy will also have a part dedicated to choosing the right marketing platform. This refers to the medium of marketing that you’ll choose which best works for your business. All thanks to technology, there are now many media of marketing that you can take advantage of. But, this also doesn’t mean that you can use everything at once. Else, you might be scattered to too many media that you lose focus on the most effective ones.

In general, the right type of marketing platform is also highly dependent on the type of product or service that you’re offering. This choice also has to do with the kind of customers that you’re targeting. It will be up to your marketing team to make this right connection. 

  1. Helps Create Better Pricing Of Goods And Services

A marketing strategy can also help a business choose and develop the most profitable goods and services. But, this decision-making process isn’t limited only to the act of selecting per se. A considerable bulk also has to do with creating a better price level of the goods and services. That way, your products don’t just stay on your shelves. They eventually reach the hands of the market that you’ve identified as your customers.

How does marketing strategy also determine the right pricing? You can learn a lot from Nike’s pricing strategy to help you analyze why it works so well. This is a direct result of all information gathered about the target market during the research process. This data includes matters such as financial ability to pay, spending habits, and other factors.


Effective marketing campaigns always start with a well-developed marketing strategy. This helps your business define your mission, vision, and even your goals and objectives in totality. During periods of assessment, this marketing strategy also works like a blueprint, where you review whether or not the proper steps are undertaken to achieve these goals. The marketing strategy should be viewed with much importance, such that it can also spell the difference between success and failure of a business. With all these reasons, now the next thing for you to do is to develop your own business’ marketing strategy as well.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.