Why Do SMEs Need Notary Services?

Small and medium sized enterprises (SME) need notaries for the same reasons why large enterprises and MNCs need them, which is to say that every company needs the assistance of notaries for notarizing various types of documents. The process of notarization involves several steps that vary in accordance with the document’s type, as well as its scale and scopes. Nevertheless, the prime goal of notarization is prevention and/or detection of forgeries. It is possible that a smaller company has not yet realized that they need a notary, but it is quite unlikely that they will never need the services of one at any point.

Why is Notarization So Important?

Responsibilities of the notary can vary in their definition, depending on the location and the particular function they are serving. Even then, notaries are essential officials with authorized legal power to validate or invalidate any document under their jurisdiction. Notaries in the United States assist businesses by:

  • Verifying and recording the identities of every person present during the formulation and/or signing of a document, including those of the witnesses
  • Verifying and recording the proof of identity, as presented by each individual to the notary
  • Recording, comparing, and verifying signatures, thumbprints and/or any other alternative/additional mode of identity verification, when applicable
  • Taking an acknowledgment of execution of the concerned document(s)
  • Preparing the Certificate of Acknowledgement
  • Preparing the Notarization Certificate
  • Authorizing the document post completion with their official seal of notarial approval
  • Delivering verified documents safely to the concerned party, in order to maintain its authenticity beyond doubt.

How Will You Find a Notary?

Finding a notary public is as easy as going to this page, selecting the state where the notarial service is needed, and a mobile notary will come to your office on the requested date and time. They will be qualified and authorized to handle all types of documents, but it is still advised to specify the situation in advance for maximum efficiency.

Which Type of Documents Can the Notary Public Handle?

This will vary in accordance with their specializations, educational qualifications, legal qualifications, authorizations, and experience. Your notary service should be able to match the requirements to the right public notary, as that is their duty. Nevertheless, it is ideal to check a notary’s credibility and relevance to the particular job for which their notarial services are needed.

Although there are practically no set limits here for obvious reasons, some industries need notarization services more frequently than others. Mortgage brokers, insurance companies, car dealerships, real estate agents, construction companies, educational establishments and giant corporations (all types included) are found to be most in need of notary public. In fact, corporations need notaries so often that they will usually have a few on their own payrolls as well.

SMEs that are not directly related to such fields will benefit most from temporary arrangements, which are made on an “as-needed” basis. Small businesses that do require regular notarizations usually opt for contractual arrangements with an external provider, given that it is a far more economic and efficient option, as compared to hiring new notaries every single time.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.