Why Burglar Alarms Are a Necessity For Business and Residential Properties

If you live in the ‘safe’ area of the city, you probably think your property is not at the risk of a burglary. However, recent reports show that the rate of burglary is gradually increasing due to the decline in police response as well as the negligence of the house owner for not installing a proper house security system. 

If you are skeptical about the need for the burglar alarm installation, take a look at the following benefits that will help you change your mind. 

1. Minimize the chances of a potential break-in

If you have been fortunate enough to escape burglary until now, you may want to keep it that way by installing a burglar alarm. While you may not have gone through a robbery yet, there is no guarantee that you won’t ever suffer from it in the future. Since the rate of robbery is steadily rising, it is best to put yourself and your family’s security above everything else. 

Burglars tend to avoid breaking into houses that are protected by smart house security systems because the chances of being caught are much higher.. When you install a burglar alarm, your house automatically becomes the ‘no-go zone’ for burglars. This way, you can effectively minimize the chances of a burglary at your property. 

2. Keep your house or your commercial property safe

Houses are the main targets for burglars because they are full of high value items such as vehicles, jewelry, mobile phones, expensive appliances, and cash under one roof. Homes with high value items like this with no security are looked at as low risk operations for burglars. Commercial properties that contain expensive merchandise or valuable private information, may also be a prime target of burglars. To protect your house and your investments from a potential burglary, set up a burglar alarm installation from a reputable company as soon as possible. 

The moment a burglar steps inside your house, the motion detectors will detect their presence and set the alarm off. The smart house security system will also alert the house owner as well as the police. 

3. Leave your house unguarded with peace of mind

If you immediately begin to worry about a robbery occurring in your absence as soon as you step out of your house, it is high time you release yourself from this anxiety. The only solution to all of your lingering security concerns is to get a smart home security system installed at your property. 

There is no chance of the burglar attempting to rob your place if they see security cameras and the alarm installed outside. Even if they dare to enter, the police will automatically be notified of their presence and the burglar won’t find the chance to steal. 

4. Reduce the overall crime rate

The more the people in an area who have security alarms fitted in their homes, the less likely that neighborhood is to have theft attempts. Even if you reside in a protected and safe place, there is only so much that law can do. If the thieves or potential criminals are familiar with the fact that you have security systems up and running, they won’t even think about going for your home. They look for vulnerable targets. 

However, on a larger scale, when too many people in an area have secured their homes, the thieves won’t overthink about that neighborhood. And even those homes that do not have security, the thieves are likely to leave them out too.

So this way, the overall crime rate and chances of crime can be reduced if many people start taking proper measures.

5. Problems other than theft can be solved

Many smart security systems allow for precautions more than just concerning burglary. Since you are paying for the setting up and maintenance anyway, you might as well enjoy more than one feature.

Many systems will let you know potential hazards, like gas leakage, carbon misuse detection, smoke detection, and more stuff of this sort, when you are away from the house. This means that you are protecting your home from all kinds of threats, not just theft. This comes quite in handy as you will manage to do something about the risk as soon as you are notified, instead of coming home and discovering that half of your property has been destroyed.

6. Have remote access of your home

The alarm systems can be coupled with CCTV cameras to allow for a better watch. This means that you will have access to whatever is going on inside your house, anytime. You will be able to run the footage on your devices. 

If you ask your provider, they might also hook you up with more features and accessories, like controlling the locks of your doors remotely, controlling the temperature and lighting as well. This way, it will be possible for you to keep watch of your house when you are gone.

7. Keep your kids and pets safe

Keeping the above point of view in mind, such a system will help you take care of your children and pets. Most of us have to leave our pets behind when we go to work. Since pet animals are not conscious beings, they might end up getting themselves into trouble. 

Monitoring their activity throughout the day will make sure that they are safe. The same can be said about little children. If you have to leave them at home, you need to make sure that they will be alright even for a little while. If something happens, and you have your security systems intact, you will be able to exhibit vigilance in such scenarios.

8. Other advantages

Frequently it happens that as soon as you leave your house, you remember that you didn’t unplug your iron before leaving. You forgot to change the temperature, and as soon as the sun rises and it gets warmer, grandma will begin to feel suffocated due to the heat.

To avoid these inconveniences, you can have modern security systems installed so that you can have remote access to the electricity and temperatures of your home. All these advantages, combined with the lowered risk of theft, make a security system a necessity.


All of the above-mentioned reasons are valid enough to prove the significance of the burglar alarm. Protect yourself, your family, and your valuables from robbery, and get the burglar alarm installed right away!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.