What’s The Best Flooring For The Office?

When it comes to designing and styling our commercial office as business owners, we have to be careful not to spill too much of our personality and style into these rooms. Of course we don’t want our employees to feel that the place they work is cold and uninviting, but we need to keep things professional and a stimulating environment to work in. As well as appearance, durability and practicality are two important factors when it comes to the office so we need to prioritise these as well. A good place to start when you’re looking to redo a place is the flooring, as it’s not likely to go anywhere any time soon and can make or break a room. So, what is the best flooring for your commercial office?


Laminate is always a good shout, with most commercial offices having it in their homes. This is likely for a number of reasons, the first being that it is very affordable and ideal if you just need something cheap and reliable to do the job. This is what makes laminate so popular, very common amongst first time buyers. As well as this, it is also very practical and is scratch, water and stain proof, which as you can imagine is invaluable in an office where all sorts goes on, especially a busy office where there’s no time to worry about the maintenance of your floors! 

Laminate is also very easy to clean and doesn’t take a lot for it to look hygienic and respectable. As well as this, it probably only needs cleaning minimum once a week, with a quick sweep and mop along needed. It also doesn’t show the dirt easily, which as you can imagine is very important in a busy office and clients are walking in! As well as this, laminate is very durable which is very important since your office will see a lot of footfall! 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles
Much like laminate, luxury vinyl tiles win on the practicality front. Easy to clean and incredibly durable, there really is no beating luxury vinyl tiles. However, unlike laminate, LVT is actually stain, water and scratch proof, which means it has one up on laminate already. This means you’ll have a life of total easy with LVT, it won’t case you any extra stress or worry and will certainly impress your clients. Although at a higher price, it is probably more durable than laminate and you will see your money’s worth.

Brett Sartorial

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