What to Keep in Mind When Using a Will Writing Service in the UK

Sadly, it is something that happens to us all, we are born and so we have to die. It is not the nicest thought but for our loved ones, our passing can cause a great deal of grief and that last thing that they would need is to have to decide how to split your assets. Whether you have a lot of assets or a small amount, it doesn’t matter, they have to be distributed on your death. It is therefore essential that your loved ones are left with a legally binding Will so that they are clear as to your wishes for your estate. You can also appoint a trusted person, known as an Executor, to execute your Will according to your instructions. It makes no difference whether you are young or older, if you have assets, you should have a Will.

A Will has to be written in a certain way, it has to be witnessed and contain certain legal ‘speak’ in order for it to be valid and unfortunately when it comes to looking for a Will service, not all options will provide you with a legally binding product, so what should you keep in mind if you are using a Will writing service in the UK?

You may wish to consider your requirements. What type of support will you need? If you have simple basic requirements, then it should be easier but if your requirements are more complex, for example if you have overseas properties or complex business agreements or you are concerned about Inheritance Tax, the process may be more time consuming and require more thought. Make sure that all of your assets are included as part of the Will writing process. A professional Will writing service should be able to help you with all of your needs.

Look for reviews and recommendations. Not all services are equal and the services offered come in a range of price options. Just because something is hugely expensive,it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better.

A good Will writing service uk will offer a step by step guide to the process, they will offer easy to understand instructions as most of us do not understand a lot of the legal speak and they will offer you support through the entire process, so look for that. Ask about subsequent changes to your Will, many of them will offer the service for either a minimal cost or free of charge depending upon the changes.

Company’s offer Will writing services as do qualified individuals, you may want to check the credentials of your chosen provider before beginning and check for membership of any UK organisations. Their credentials and qualifications will be included as part of their website for your peace of mind. A Will writing service can be a good cost effective option compared with other methods.

When you have completed your Will, remember that it will have to be stored in a place that your Executor can access in the event of your death, so make sure that your executor or executors are aware of its location.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.