8 Tech-Minded Business Solutions For Small Business Growth

Technology plays a very important role in today’s digital age. From the Internet of Things (IoT) to artificial intelligence (AI), tech is a must for any small business owner to embrace, understand, and integrate into some or all current business operations and workflows. This could be as complex as a chatbot customer service rep, or something as simple as CRM software.

In the past, tech-minded business solutions were on the backburner until the small business had a few years of success and growth behind it. However, many small business owners are looking into tech from the get go. You may be just now learning how to start an LLC for your small business with a soon to launch date for your website. But tech should still be on your list of near future priorities.

Here are a few tech-minded business solutions you can employ to move your small business toward powerful company faster. Let’s take a deeper look!

1. Marketing Automation Tech

If you are ready to step into the future of marketing, it’s time to adopt IoT automated marketing solutions. Salesforce and Infusionsoft are a few IoT automated marketing tools your business can benefit from. You can automate your social media, conversion funnel, user experience, and more with IoT CRM. For more marketing automation tools, you can check out this post.

2. Powerful Payment Systems

Consumers want fast and convenient payment options and IoT tech solutions can make that happen. Apple Pay, PayPal, and other advanced payment options ensure your customers can checkout in a few simple clicks. These IoT solutions also give consumers the confidence that their data is protected when purchasing from companies with advanced payment options.

3. Open-Source Software Platforms

Free Open-Source Software (FOSS platforms are ideal for businesses looking to capitalize on growth without paying large sums for IoT tech solutions. Mautic and OpenOffice are two platforms that serve up similar features as their higher-cost competitors.

4. Artificially Intelligent Sales Reps

AI can be a powerful sales ally to grow your business and profits. You can automate a number of sales processes, like consumer data collection or online sales assistance. For instance, H&M uses an AI chatbot to assist their customers, upsell, and process payments via Kik messenger platform.

5. AI Customer Service

Sifting through customer data to develop a better user experience and new marketing strategies is challenging. However, you can let AI do it for you. It is like having customer service support that never sleeps, and is in many ways far more intelligent than humans. AI customer support bots can access customer data faster, as well as nurture consumer relationships to boost your customer retention rates.

6. Automated Marketing

Marketing with AI is a must if you want to grow your business exponentially in the future. Artificial intelligence can net more qualified leads, develop a higher degree of predictive forecasting, remarket, and more. You can even churn those consumers down your buying funnel faster with AI. Exponea is a customer data platform your business can benefit from.

7. Crypto Payment Options

By accepting cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, you are opening up your business to the future of consumer transactions. Why cryptocurrency? Well, the future consumers are Millennials, and 30 percent of Millennials would rather invest in Bitcoins than federal stocks or bonds. Accepting cryptocurrency also keeps business transaction fees lower, making the current two to four percent fee about zero to one percent. That is a lot of profit over an extended period.

8. Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are a profitable way for your business to develop, secure, verify, negotiate, and enforce contract agreements. This all happens via blockchain technology. These tech savvy contracts are only executed and when all the terms of an agreement are met. Blockchain smart contracts take out the need for a middleman, like a financial institution or lawyer, since the blockchain is a peer-to-peer based network.

Wrapping Up . . .

Technology is making major changes to how we do business. Get a competitive advantage and facilitate growth for your business with the above technology solutions. In some instances they are actually quite easy to implement. From automating marketing to opening up your business to cryptocurrency, the future of business growth has arrived. How will you capitalize for success?

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.