What to Do if Someone Else Claimed Google My Business on Google Maps?

You need to check out many things when starting your online business or even bringing your business up to date. In 2021, it is important for businesses to be in line with the requirements of Google, the world’s largest search engine. This means getting correctly listed and using effective techniques, like SEO or paid advertising which will help you get noticed. Google makes it possible for every business to be exposed, so it is a good idea to get to grips with the way the search engine works. 

What is Google Places, and how does it work?

Google Places is the feature in Google Maps that allows for businesses to become listed. Google creates the listings, and then individual businesses claim the listings so they can be found in Google Maps. This is especially useful for driving business based on the user’s location,  and this is a need that Google Places understands. 

When a user searches for a particular business, such as “print shop,” Google Places will give listings for those businesses around the user’s location. This means that the feature is very useful for driving business on a local level, so businesses should make sure they are correctly listed. Most will find that local SEO is a great benefit to their business.   

How to claim Google business page

In order to get your business listed on Google Places, you will need to open an account with Google. This can be the same Google account that features Google Apps,  Google Drive, and an email address. 

Under Google My Business Help, there is a page where you can “Add or claim your business on Google My Business.” Here you can select the Get Started button to locate your business and get it listed. You will need to enter the business address, delivery information, and your service areas. It is also possible to create a free website with Google My Business, based on the information and details provided about your business. 

You can also add or claim your business through Google Maps by finding the location in the app. You can right-click on the location or select the existing business on the map and choose from the options. 

What to do if someone claimed Google My Business

Unfortunately, listings are not always used correctly, and some users attempt to take advantage of the directory. Because more online exposure can lead to higher profits, some businesses will claim Google My Business locations for themselves. Even though they are not physically present in the location, it can be seen as a way of promoting the business. This is misleading for the customer and unfair to other businesses. 

If a business profile has been verified and you are not authorized to use it, then you can Request Ownership of a Business Profile to take control from the existing owner. When you are attempting to add your own ownership of the account, a hint at the email address used to register. This email may belong to someone in a different department of your company, or you may have forgotten that you already registered an account.  

If the email address is unfamiliar, you will need to request access, and the current owner will receive an email informing them that you are trying to gain access. They will have seven days to respond, and if there is no response, you can access the account. If they deny the requestб then a dispute will be raised in Google, and you will have the chance to prove that you are the rightful owner.

Google profiles do not always work out as they should, but they can be easily managed with a bit of organization. Google makes things simple with clear explanations and support where it is needed.  

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.