What Software Do Comic Artists Use?

When it comes to exploring the best software for comic illustration one must get confused. It is quite difficult to select any digital art software that will fulfill your requirements. Being an artist, the main concern is to give a professional look to your artwork. So what software do comic artists use for their projects?

Many professionals use such software that has an easy interface and advanced editing tools. In this guide, we have shared some top-rated digital art or comic illustration software which are proven in their natural results. 

Below is the comic and manga art digital drawing software which becomes the choice of many professionals and beginners. 

Corel Painter

Best For- Creating Manga And Anime Art

Cost: $424 Per Year Plus Free Trial Available For 30-Days | Support- Windows/macOS

Developed By: Corel Corporation

Key Features Of Corel Painter Software

  • Wide Range Of Brushes In Different Categories
  • Excellent Media Library That Helps To Reduce Research Time.
  • For Unique Brush Patterns With 2.5D Texture Brushes.

Corel Painter comes with a variety of brushes, including digital brushes and brushes that look like traditional media brushes. Color pencils, pastels, watercolor, and chalk are only a few examples. 

Reasons To Choose Corel Painter

  • The Advanced Version Has Better Performance Because Of The Updated UI
  • The Color Selection Option Is Fantastic. A fantastic 
  • Brushes Of Various Types That Give Your Artwork A More Digital Appearance

Clip Paint Studio 

Best For- Animations, Comic or Concept Art

Cost: CSP Pro: $49.99 & CSP Ex: $219.00 per year| Support- Windows/Android/iPad/macOS

Developed By: CELSYS, Inc

Key Features Of Clip Studio Paint Software

  • Customizable brush range that is almost infinite. A pencil, watercolor, pastel, and oil painting, included in them.
  • It can handle high-resolution files of up to 10,000 layers.
  • With the bundles of editing features, you can tweak or improve your performance.
  • Scan and print directly from the Clip Studio Paint Pro version of the software.

Clip Studio Paint is a flexible program that can be used for a variety of purposes, including illustration, comics, and animation. It comes with a variety of digital art resources, so you can get started drawing right away. It is ideal for those artists who want to create various types of artwork, including illustrations and animations. Finding the best price for the software the company provides Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code with advanced features.

Reasons To Choose Clip Studio Paint

  • A Budget-Friendly Software With Bundles Of Advanced Features
  • Give Professional Look To Your Artwork
  • Through Numerous Editing Enhance And Adjust Your Results 
  • Great Illustrations Tools Make Your Art Looks Like Original Looks

Adobe Photoshop

Best For- Mixing Colors and bleeding traditionally

Cost: For Creative Cloud it is free & $110 per year| Support- Windows/ iPad

Developed By: Adobe Systems Co.LTD

Key Features Of Adobe Photoshop

  • Asymmetrical Painting And A Variety Of Fonts.
  • Shadows, Tint, Temperature, Contrast, And Exposure Are Only A Few Of The Choices Available.
  • Brushes With A Broader Range Of Strokes That Are Smoother And Clearer.
  • Your Lightroom Images Are Available.

Adobe Photoshop is used by many professional designers and photographers or video editors. It is also a good software for drawing and comic illustrations with advanced digital editing tools and features. You can use the best digital painting brushes for photoshop cc which is absolutely amazing. 

Reasons To Choose Adobe Photoshop

  • Can Merge Multiple Images Into A Single One.
  • User-Friendly Filters And Plug-Ins Are There For Artists
  • A Great Library For Resources Is Also Available For Time-Saving Research. 


Best For-  Excellent Manga And Comic Art Software

Cost: For Steam $9.99 & For $9.79| Support- Windows/macOS

Developed By: Krita Foundation

Key Features Of Krita

  • It is suitable for drawing and sketching
  • It can be used to make comics, concept art, matter paintings, and texture rendering.
  • There are a lot of hand features, excellent filters, and incredible brush engines in this game.

The software is a great open-source free digital art software, especially for comic artists. It will provide a wide range of vector layers used for image transformations without compromising picture quality.

Reasons To Use Krita

  • It Makes Painting Or Art Sketching More Enjoyable And Easy.
  • You Can Easily Personalize The Predesigned Tools To Make Exclusive Artworks.

This software provides a satisfactory result to your project and gives a natural or professional appearance to the artwork.  Make a wise decision while selecting any of these applications. Our main recommendation is to go with Clip Studio Paint as it provides a huge variety of brushes and vector-layers that can boost your art experience.

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