Software Solutions for Workforce Management

If you manage a large shift-based workforce, you will already be aware of the difficulties in organising rosters, payrolls, time-sheets and budgets, which can be very time-consuming and counter-productive, and rather than trying to do this manually, why not take advantage of the automated software package solutions?

  • Scheduling & Rostering – You can reduce your labour costs by using an automated software solution that is designed specifically for workforce management, using selected methodologies like ‘pattern-fixed profile’ and ‘workload on demand’. Free up your human resources by allowing mathematical algorithms to calculate your busy workforce scheduling, which are handled by specialist software that is easily configured.
  • Attendance & Time – Critical aspects of workforce management, attendance and time are recorded automatically, and with notifications on absence and exceptions, you are always informed. Award interpretation is seamlessly integrated into the system, making sure that you comply with Fair Work at all times, plus payroll is automatically logged. Biometric options include fingerprint scanning and facial recognition, which allows workers to clock in and out without the need for paperwork, making what was once a nightmare task into a seamless operation that is automated.
  • Award Interpretation – Using Tambla workforce solutions, you can automatically interpret your workforce pay conditions and rules, and with real time data entry, you are always in a position to make an informed decision.
  • Reducing Administration Overload – An automated approach to workforce management will greatly reduce the workload on your accountancy staff, thus reducing the risk of errors, and they can lead to non-compliance, which could result in heavy fines. Using available technology empowers you in many ways, and perhaps most importantly, it will ensure that you are always Fair Work compliant, while also taking the pressure off your accountancy staff.
  • Workforce Analytics – The latest versions of workforce management software use AI to analyse your workforce data, keeping you informed at all times with notifications. The easy to use interface allows you to monitor every aspect of your workforce management, and once configured, the system works tirelessly in the background, ensuring that your workforce management is optimised and always compliant.
  • Industry Specific Solutions – Workforce management software is designed for specific industries, such as aviation, the hospitality industry, construction, retail and healthcare, to mention but a few. If you would like to learn more about workforce management software, an online search will put you in touch with a leading software developer who would arrange a free demo so that you can see first-hand how the package works.

If you only have a few employees, managing your workforce might not seem like a big deal, but if the numbers are significant, then workforce management software is an ideal solution. There is always the risk of non-compliance to the strict Fair Work policies, which is yet another reason to use specialised software that is designed to integrate with your existing payroll platforms.

Reduce the stress on your accountancy department by introducing workforce management and ensure that your company is always award interpretation compliant.