What Kinds of Rental Offices are Ideal for New Businesses

You have a fantastic business idea that has been thoroughly researched. The business strategy has been prepared to utilize tried-and-true digital marketing techniques. Your backers are on board and prepared to contribute money. Now all you need is a workspace.

There are several alternatives when looking for a location to launch your business. Before selecting a startup coworking office space for you and your team, you must take it into account. Here are some examples of the various kinds of office spaces you can rent to help you make your decision about renting a startup space.

Personal offices

Private offices are professional spaces you can rent for your company. These offices are available in various sizes to accommodate up to 100 workers. This kind of layout is frequently leased to a single person or business. In a shared facility, you can lock your office with this space. Private office spaces undoubtedly give your staff a private, secure, and quiet place to operate.

Additionally, you have the freedom to decide how you want to engage with the larger corporate community. Private offices are a viable choice for your company that allows for access to conference rooms when necessary. Renting private spaces should be categorized as a type of professional office arrangement.

Virtual Office

A virtual office is an excellent option for new businesses that need a professional address and phone number but don’t need a physical office space. This type of rental office typically offers mail forwarding, telephone answering services, and access to meeting rooms and conference facilities. It is a cost-effective way to establish a professional presence without the overhead of a traditional office.

Renting Co-Working Spaces

Coworking spaces are ideal for new businesses that need a flexible, collaborative workspace. These rental offices typically provide access to shared desks, private offices, conference rooms, and other amenities. They are often more affordable than traditional office spaces and provide a great way to network and collaborate with other entrepreneurs.

For start-ups and new businesses, coworking spaces work best. You can offer a flexible setting to your staff with this categorization. The coworking space Chicago fosters frequent communication and encourages collaboration because you work closely with other businesses and employees.

You can rent a limited wework dedicated desk number to accommodate the size of your team if your small business needs a workspace. Meeting and break rooms are also provided in coworking spaces. By doing so, you can maintain necessary office operations while minimizing costs. Coworking spaces often come with the equipment and amenities needed for an office. Renting coworking spaces as professional office space is undoubtedly an option for your company.

Rent an executive suite

If startup coworking leases are not for you, there is another kind of professional office space that you can rent, called an executive suite. You may maintain a full-service area with executive suites while renting out entire floor space to another business. Executive suites can frequently be sublet on flexible terms to complementary firms. These rooms are typically hired on a month-to-month basis or for periods of three to six months. Executive suites have fully wired phone and internet connections as an added benefit. Typically, an agreement can be made with the neighboring tenant to reserve conference, break, and reception areas.

Doing this allows you to rent office space without worrying about altering the floor plans. Rent executive suites as a category for business offices, without a doubt. An executive suite can be used to find office space in cities with high demand, such as Chicago. The advantage of having an executive suite is that you may relocate from a smaller office space to a larger one when your firm expands. However, these leases differ from one landlord to the next, so you must clarify how they will operate at the place you are contemplating.

Contiguous Office Spaces

Another professional office classification available to rent is contiguous spaces. If you want two business operations next to one another, rent contiguous areas. This enables various divisions of your business to coexist on the same floor. This arrangement works effectively for companies looking for different-sized offices for varied purposes. Consider keeping your development team in a larger office area than your accounting staff.

With contiguous spaces, you may continue to have both teams work together in the same facility, even at the same dedicated desk. Additionally, by removing outside distractions from other departments, you can keep your workers focused on their objectives. Consider the professional office space classification when choosing adjacent spaces to rent for your company.

Business incubators

An incubator may be even more beneficial for a startup. Small enterprises and new ventures are frequently the target audiences for incubators. This is because they offer programs to help your business flourish and affordable office space rentals. The networking and coaching programs among them can help a small firm grow. To apply for these commercial locations, there is frequently a process. Many firms opt to start with an incubator because it’s a cost-effective approach to having an office space.

Startup Accelerators

Accelerators and incubators are similar, although they differ slightly. Because they frequently include a short-term program, these office spaces are known as accelerators. The program aims to impart growth- or acceleration-related knowledge to small enterprises. Experienced investors and business entrepreneurs oversee these programs. This could be perfect for a business that needs a strong program to support its growth and a cheap, temporary office location. If you are interested in this kind of support or assistance for the expansion of your firm, think about an accelerator.


When it comes to renting office space, your firm has a lot of possibilities. Budget, privacy, or growth-promoting programs may all be factors you should consider before choosing one choice over the others. Both options are traditional office space for rent, co-working spaces, and executive suites. You can choose a business incubator or startup accelerator environment for a challenging startup experience. Consider your possibilities when your startup is ready to have an office space. After all, a fantastic office is a must for any excellent startup

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.